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        in the long and mighty flow of the years, the furnace of the times is quenched into steel. the shougang group, founded in 1919, is the epitome of china's iron and steel industry, a banner of reform and opening up, and a comprehensive pilot unit for the deep reform of state-owned enterprises in beijing, which was selected as a "double hundred enterprise" of state-owned enterprise reform under the state council. the shougang group focuses on the coordinated development of the steel industry, park development and operation management, integration of industry and finance, and new industries, becoming a comprehensive large-scale state-owned enterprise group with cross-industry, cross-region, cross-ownership and transnational operation. it has been listed in the fortune global 500 for 12 times since 2011.

        since the founding of new china, the party and state have attached great importance to the development of the shougang group. dozens of party and state leaders have visited shougang for inspection and guidance. in february 2014, while inspecting beijing, general secretary xi jinping pointed out in his important speech that "the relocation of shougang to caofeidian is a concrete action. we must continue to do it unswervingly". on february 1st, 2019, the general secretary visited shougang park and gave important instructions, which injected strong impetus into the high-quality development of the group. on january 4th, 2022, the general secretary visited the dispatching center of the beijing winter olympics operation command in shougang park, greeted the operation management personnel and gave important instructions on preparing for the games. in march 2022, the general secretary commented on big air shougang during the two sessions: “this is a green transformation from the steel industry to the sports industry”.

        shougang staff always carry forward the spirit of "daring to venture, persist and work hard", as well as "daring to take responsibility, innovate and be the first in the world". after a hundred years of glory, they have created countless miracles. in 2005, shougang consciously obeyed the national olympic strategy and the functional orientation of the development of the capital city, took the lead in the relocation and adjustment of the steel industry, and was awarded the title of "legend shougang" by the beijing municipal government. in caofeidian, a "steel dreamworks" representing the international advanced level in the 21st century was built and became the pioneer of china’s steel enterprises relocating from central cities to coastal areas; shougang changzhi iron & steel co., ltd., shougang shuicheng iron & steel (group) co., ltd., shougang guiyang special steel co., ltd., shougang tonghua iron & steel co., ltd. and shougang yili iron & steel co., ltd. were jointly reorganized across regions, expanding their industrial layout to coastal and resource-rich areas, forming a steel production capacity of 35 million tons and transforming their product structure to high-end plates.

        shougang insists on making the steel industry better and stronger, actively practices the new development concepts, promotes technological leadership to become its core competitiveness and strives to create the "five advantages" in products, quality, cost, services and technology. shougang continuously optimizes its product structure. since 2013, five products have been launched globally and 48 products domestically. its market share of electrical steel for auto plates has steadily increased, and it is a vital supplier of bmw and mercedes-benz for many years. it ranks among the first echelon of transformer material supply enterprises, and it was the main supplier of transformer materials for baihetan hydropower station and wudongde hydropower station. shougang’s tinplate has achieved the full coverage of high-end customers and successfully entered the first echelon of domestic tinplate manufacturers; other key products have been widely used in national key projects and heavy equipment projects such as the west-east gas pipeline, "bluewhale i", high-speed railway lines and rockets/spacecraft.

        shougang has created a new landmark of the revival of the capital city in the new era. shougang seized the opportunity of the winter olympics, consistently adhered to the general secretary's important speech in beijing, conscientiously implemented the requirements of the municipal party committee and government, consciously served the functional construction of beijing's "four centers", promoted the cultural revival, ecological revival, industrial revival and vitality revival of shougang park as a whole, and built space carriers such as shijingshan park, winter olympics culture square and industrial heritage park, constantly releasing the vitality of traditional industrial resources. shougang completed the winter olympics service guarantee tasks such as "one venue, one headquarters, four centers and multiple teams" to high standards, and delivered an excellent result as a "dual olympic enterprise". shougang planned the high-quality development of shougang park in the post-winter olympics period, promoted the industrial agglomeration of the park and the successful implementation of major projects, promoted the transformation of "cold resources" into the "hot economy" of the winter olympics, and strived to create a new landmark of urban rejuvenation representing "together for a shared future", showing the mutual glow of winter olympics heritage and industrial heritage, and the transformation of an old industrial zone into a model of urban renewal.

        shougang continues to deepen the integration of industry and finance. shougang fund and shougang group finance co., ltd. were established to strengthen capital operation, promote resource allocation to the main businesses and advantageous industries, and create new economic growth points. shougang fund created an integrated model of "financing-investment-operation" to help the development of the park by investing and inciting external capital. the track for real estate investment trusts (reits) was laid out. in june 2021, shougang green energy[a1]  (infrastructure public offering reits) was listed on the shenzhen stock exchange. shougang's supply chain financial platform went into operation and jingpiao" (a electronic bond certificate)[a2]  was issued, becoming the first state-owned enterprise in beijing that can issue multi-stage credit certificates in the supply chain. with a management scale of rmb 60 billion, shougang fund not only fully serves the construction of the "four centers" in the capital and the coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, but also supports the reform and development of the shougang group.

        shougang steadily promotes the cultivation of new industries. it focuses on new materials, new energy, environmental industries, static transportation and other fields in order to accelerate the cultivation of new industries. the projects of shougang’s companies all have their own characteristics, such as "silk steel" independently developed by shougang gitane; key projects in major fields such as the "shenzhou" series spacecraft, launch vehicle and chang'e projects of beiye; urban solid waste projects of shougang environment, synthetic biotechnology projects of shougang lanzatech; transportation hub parking projects of shoucheng holdings; stereo parking garage projects of shougang city transportation; overseas projects of shougang construction; intelligent services of beijing shougang automation information technology co., ltd.; technical services of beijing shougang international engineering technology co., ltd.; investment and operation projects of beijing shougang mining investment co., ltd.; property projects of beijing shougang industry co., ltd.; and branding projects of beijing shougang sports culture co., ltd.

        shougang actively carries out international operations. at the beginning of reform and opening up, it began the development of its overseas undertakings. in 1992, shougang holding (hong kong) limited was established in hong kong, then successively merged and acquired four listed companies in the region. in the same year, it acquired shougang hierro peru s.a.a. and took possession of the permanent mining rights to 670 km2 in marcona, peru. after more than 30 years of the exploration and development of transnational operations, shougang has formed an overseas industrial layout focusing on mineral resources and static traffic operation management, with overseas subsidiaries distributed in ten countries and regions such as peru, singapore, south korea, india and hong kong.

        today, with glory and purpose, guided by xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, shougang thoroughly implements the decision-making arrangements of the beijing municipal party committee and government, enhances its confidence, works hard and forges ahead bravely, initiates a new journey of high-quality development and strives to build itself into a large-scale world-class comprehensive enterprise group!

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