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shougang environment industry co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shougang environment), a wholly-owned subsidiary of shougang group, is an essential platform for shougang group to develop new industries and build comprehensive service providers for cities. it is committed to providing users with the customized urban solid waste solution with a full cycle, whole process, and various functions.

through years of practical experience in the field of environmental protection,shougang environment has formed a “3 2” industrial development model, namely the three main businesses of comprehensive disposal of domestic waste, urban solid waste resource disposal, industrial pollution site soil treatment and ecological restoration, and the two supporting platforms of environmental protection engineering construction and environmental monitoring services. shougang environment administers and invests in beijing shougang bioenergy science & technology co., ltd., beijing shougang technological development company for comprehensive utilization of resources, beijing shouhua science and technology development co., ltd., beijing shouke xingye engineering technology co., ltd., beijing shougang ecological technology co., ltd., changzhi shougang bioenergy science & technology co., ltd., tangshan caofeidian dunshi new building materials co., ltd., beijing shoutong zhiyuan energy saving and environmental protection technology co., ltd., environmental monitoring center and other companies. the main business includes: technological research and development, project development, investment construction and operation management in the field of urban environmental protection; incineration and power generation of domestic waste, utilization of construction waste, restoration of polluted sites, research and development of ecological building materials and consigned processing, hazardous waste resource treatment, environmental and energy-saving detection and so on.

under the aid of shougang group’s comprehensive strength, advanced technology and rich project operation experience, shougang environment undertakes the construction and operation of lujiashan waste incineration power plant, one of the waste incineration power plants with the largest single operation scale in the world, with the daily disposal capacity of 3,000 tons, accounting for 1/8 of the domestic waste production in beijing. it copied the mode of waste incineration power generation in lujiashan and built shanxi changzhi waste incineration power plant, which was listed as a demonstration project of provincial and municipal government, that has become a major breakthrough in the development of environmental industry in shougang outside beijing.

lujiashan circular economy (venous industry) base, beijing city, china’s first national circular economy demonstration park, was approved, which includes domestic waste incineration slag dry treatment, temporary residue storage, kitchen waste disposal and so on. the integrated project of collecting, transporting and disposing of kitchen waste from shijingshan and mentougou, with a daily disposal capacity of 100 tons, is put into operation; the company plans to build projects with a daily disposal capacity of 3,000 tons of new energy power generation and supporting fly ash and medical waste disposal, put forward and constructed the first “environmental park” in beijing to explore the road of green ecological restoration after the closure of lujiashan orebody. it will become the first national circular economy industry demonstration park which integrates the coordinated disposal of many kinds of solid waste.

the company has built the first demonstration project with an annual disposal capacity of 1 million tons of construction waste in beijing.a diversified system of recycled building materials has been formed, which has been successfully applied in the winter olympics square, the winter olympics speed skating hall, the western extension of chang’an street, the building of the innovation and research demonstration center of china architecture design institute and other projects. the project with an annual disposal capacity of 1 million tons in tongzhou district, that serves the sub-center of the city has been put into operation. the project with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of coal-based activated coke in cooperation with tonggang has started construction.

the company built china’s first thermal desorption soil remediation demonstration project (180,000 tons/year) in the contaminated site of iron and steel metallurgical industry, and set up the beijing soil remediation engineering technology research center in industrial contaminated sites, formed a number of remediation technologies including primary and heterotopic thermal desorption, electromagnetic wave and coordinated disposal of cement kiln, enriched and improved the soil remediation technology system, becoming a high-tech company of new and advanced technology for soil treatment and ecological restoration of industrial contaminated sites that integrates research and development, engineering consulting and operation management as one.

the environmental protection engineering construction platform has been devoted to the research and development of metallurgical environmental protection technologies such as flue gas desulphurization, denitrification and dust removal for a long time, serving the major iron and steel enterprises. its desulphurization technology has reached advanced level in china.

the market-oriented operation environment monitoring center has established service contracts with enterprises and institutions in beijing and other provinces and cities. the detection capacity covers more than 100 items such as waste water, waste gas and soil.

as a national high-tech company, shougang environment is devoted to continuous innovation and in-depth research, and continues to provide customers with more optimized environmental governance solutions, with a number of technologies reaching the domestic leading level. it has undertaken and participated in a number of major scientific and technological innovation projects of the state, the ministry of science and technology and beijing, and won many awards. it has presided over or participated in the preparation of many national standards, industrial and local standards and technical guidelines. the lab for comprehensive utilization of solid waste has been built and equipped with more than 120 sets of advanced testing instruments and equipment, and has been certified by the china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas). it has been listed as “zhongguancun open lab”, and won the honorary title of first batch of “beijing youth innovation workstations”.

the company strives to create “home” culture full of affection with harmonious relationships. the enterprise spirit of “great virtue and wisdom, integration and intergrowth” will lead shougang environment industryco. ltd. to move forward stably. the company also cultivates and practices careful, earnest pioneering and enterprising, loyal and responsible, collaborative and efficient work styles with learning innovation.

entering the new era, shougang environment is full of vitality and vigour, moving towards the goal of building a first-class comprehensive environmental service provider!

let’s strive to maintain green hills and clear waters together with shougang environment!

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