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beijing shougang automated information technology co., ltd. (”shougang aic”) is the only professional automated information company under the shougang group. it is a high-tech enterprise that integrates information planning and implementation, automation system design, software development, system integration and technical services. it has more than 3,000 registered employees.

for many years, shougang aic has cultivated a professional team with complete facilities, rich experience, technological knowledge and powerful strength in automation control, mathematical models, mes, erp and other fields. it possesses a national key laboratory and more than 400 patented technologies, software k8凯发集团 copyrights and registered software products. it has the overall strength to undertake the “turnkey” automation and information projects of large-scale enterprises.

since entering the period of the “13th five-year plan”, shougang aic has actively transformed and developed into the two major fields of “industrial intelligence and smart city” in combination with new business forms and situations, and by virtue of the technical experience, it has accumulated for nearly 40 years. in the field of industrial intelligence, it focuses on developing industries such as “smart equipment”, “smart factory”, “intelligent logistics” and “smart service”; and in the field of smart cities, it focuses on developing industries such as “smart parks”, “smart buildings” and “static transportation”. by participating in the construction of the tongzhou beijing city sub-center, national center for the performing arts, daxing international airport, shougang winter olympic park and other major national and industrial projects, it has accumulated many outstanding achievements in fields including industrial robots, unmanned crown blocks and the top-level design of smart cities, smart transportation, smart security and environment, smart home and cloud computing center construction, and formed core capabilities in smart factories, equipment, logistics and services. it can provide comprehensive intelligent solutions and advanced technology application services for cities/parks/communities.

in 2021, shougang aic continued to develop and innovate in the two major industries of industrial intelligence and smart city, and continuously transformed its scientific research achievements. five scientific and technological achievements including “research and application of electronic auction platform based on cloud services” won the shougang science and technology award. three scientific and technical achievements including “research and development of high-precision rolling technology for auto sheets” passed the acceptance and evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of the shougang group. four scientific and technological achievements won scientific and technological progress awards at the provincial and ministerial levels, among which two won the first prize for national green building innovation and the first prize for scientific and technological progress in engineering construction respectively. new technologies empower industrial development. taking the three major technologies of big data, artificial intelligence and edge computing as the carriers, and focusing on the two major industries of “industrial intelligence and smart city”, shougang aic relies on its various entity units to vigorously promote the implementation of its products, and strives to build the basic platform of its core technology and industrial vision product system. covering artificial intelligence, big data and iot technology, its independently researched and developed intelligent hot rolling management and control platform has been empowered and applied in the beijing-tangshan hot rolling production line. the construction project of the jingtang hot rolling all-element lean manufacturing digital factory has been rated at the advanced level in the world by experts in the industry. this project generated 43 patents, including 23 invention patents, and had 41 granted, including 14 invention patents, 19 registered software k8凯发集团 copyrights and one software product. the company has applied for 420 patents, including 246 invention patents; a total of 284 have been granted, including 132 invention patents.

in 2021, shougang aic insisted on promoting its key products, giving full play to the advantages of its rich specialties and experience in large projects, and exploring external markets. it signed contracts with six units for the “intelligent sintering system”, expanded more than 80 business markets in hebei with its “shou’anyun” products and opened nine-channel agents for “shou’anyun” products. it has signed contracts with more than ten municipal state-owned enterprises including capital agriculture and capital development regarding products under the “group’s control”. it gained 263 new external clients throughout the year, with year-on-year growth of 134%. its external projects are spread all over 24 provinces and cities in china, mainly concentrated in iron and steel enterprises in hebei province, state-owned enterprises in beijing, energy-oriented central enterprises and several local governments. typical cases include the intelligent sintering of wire rods in jiujiang, qian’an; 4 million tons of pellets in masteel; intelligent security upgrading and reconstruction for the national center for the performing arts; online management and control platform of the beijing chemical industry group; intelligent manufacturing of hbis tangsteel’s removal from the city; datang international’s management and control project, etc. it has successfully completed construction projects for the china international fair for trade in services, winter olympic games and paralympic games, the centenary anniversary of the founding of the party, national day and other projects, as well as equipment operation and maintenance, conference services and network reprotection tasks, and won the outstanding contribution award of the shougang group.

in 2021, shougang aic insisted on high-quality operation, expended great efforts to promote the three-year action plan, and made the corporate governance system more standardized, the management system leaner and the internal market-oriented mechanism more optimized, which continuously stimulated its endogenous power. shougang aic successfully joined the information technology application innovation working committee of the china electronics standardization association (referred to as the “information innovation working committee”), becoming the first enterprise in the metallurgical industry to join. it successively joined the “beijing service alliance for the integration of informatization and industrialization” and “china smart energy industry alliance”. it won the certificate of the beijing enterprise science and technology research and development institute. it won certification for information system construction and service capability assessment; its classified information system integration qualification was upgraded to a classified overall integration qualification; its general contracting qualification for electronic and intelligent specialties was promoted to the first level; it promoted the declaration of the information security service qualification and electronic system engineering design qualification. it appeared at the “shougang science and technology conference”, “9th china industrial digitalization forum”, “2021 china iron and steel low-carbon, green and intelligent development seminar” and 2021 china international fair for trade in services, effectively demonstrating the technical strength and brand influence of shougang aic.

shougang aic is determined to become a leader in industrial intelligence and smart city services in china, and make greater contributions to building shougang into a comprehensive large-scale enterprise group with greater world influence and stronger promotional effects on economic and social development.

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