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founded by the shougang life service  management center in 2008, and relatively controlled by the shougang group, beijing shougang industry co., ltd. is a group industrial enterprise with cross-regional and cross-industry multiple investment, focusing on integrated services and positioned as the steel and urban property service provider of shougang. the company’s businesses covers more than 10 industries including property, catering, preschool education, travel, elderly care services and passenger services distributed in beijing, hebei and other places. it has more than 7,000 employees and an annual income of more than rmb 2 billion. the company has kept a foothold in beijing, served shougang, oriented itself to the market, perfected and intensified shougang’s service industry and acquired favorable economic and social benefits over the years. it has also engaged in services for the beijing olympic games and paralympic games, the fifth tangshan international horticultural exposition and zhongguancun national innovation demonstration zone exhibition center, and property cleaning, catering supply, energy safeguarding and so on for important events held in the zhongguancun software park it has developed into a large-scale integrated service enterprise with a high-quality operation team, accumulated abundant management experience and integrated multiple service projects into one.

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