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aecc cae sends thank-you letter to beiye

release time:2024-03-07 09:24:26

recently, the beijing beiye functional materials corporation ("beiye") received a thank-you letter from aecc commercial aircraft engine co., ltd. ("aecc cae"). the letter includes the full affirmation of the achievements made by beiye in the development and certification of the high bypass-ratio cj-1,000a turbofan engine, and highly praises the perseverance of shougang beiye people who dare to take on formidable tasks and are good at completing them.

the aero-engine, the "heart" of the aircraft, is known as "the jewel in the crown of industry", as well as a symbol by which to measure a country's high-end manufacturing integration technology level. the cj-1,000a engine, the first high-bypass-ratio turbofan engine with completely independent intellectual property rights, was developed in strict accordance with the airworthiness requirements of civil aviation in china. it is also the only domestically-developed power unit of the c919, a large domestic passenger aircraft. the name "changjiang" (cj) signifies the pioneering role of engine products for large domestic aircraft in the industrial development of china's commercial aero-engine industry, as well as symbolizing the enduring and surging momentum of china's commercial aero-engines in the future.

as a leading enterprise in the research and production of superalloys and other materials in china, beiye has undertaken dozens of development and certification tasks of materials for the high-bypass-ratio cj-1,000a turbofan engine. in order to break the foreign technological blockade on china in this field and resolve the "bottleneck", beiye attached great importance to the project, and all departments actively cooperated with each other, braved difficulties and courageously make breakthroughs. finally, the various development tasks were completed on schedule with quality and quantity assured, contributing shougang's strength to developing the aero-engine, the jewel in the crown of the industry.

in the future, in the development and certification of larger and more powerful high-bypass-ratio cj-2000 turbofan engines, beiye will continue to join hands with aecc cae, stay true to its original aspirations and mission, work tirelessly to live up to expectations, make another splendid achievement in china's aero-engine industry and strive to speed up the installation of "made-in-china engines" for large aircraft.

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