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zhao minge and other leading officials visit frontline cadres and workers and retired veteran comrades on eve of spring festival

release time:2024-02-09 08:56:18

greetings constitute deep caring feelings. as the spring festival approached, leading officials of the group, namely zhao minge, qiu yinfu, hu xiongguang, wang hongjun, wang shizhong, wang jianwei, liu jianhui and jia xianggang, paid visits to front-line cadres and workers at all positions in different teams and groups to learn about the production, operation and construction conditions on the sites, check the safety work, visit shougang's retired veteran comrades, model workers, production and technical backbones, and employees in difficult circumstances, and extend new year blessings and sincere greetings to the cadres and workers of the whole group on the front line, thereby sending the care and warmth of the party committee and encouraging everyone to "make a good start" in the new year, make every effort to get off to a flying start in the first quarter, make greater achievements throughout the year and strive to write a new chapter in shougang's high-quality development.

blessings convey true feelings that warm people's hearts in this cold winter. greetings, blessings and warm words such as "you've been working hard", "thank you all" and "happy new year" convey the deep concern of the group party committee for the employees. from january 31st to february 1st, zhao minge, qiu yinfu and liu jianhui successively visited the production site of blast furnace no. 2, main control room of the blast furnace, wu shengli pre-ironmaking expert workstation, 100 mw gas power generation project and technical center of shougang jingtang united iron and steel co., ltd. ("shougang jingtang"); they visited the main ramp, main mineral processing building and office building of the shougang mining corporation's macheng iron ore project; and they carried out on-site investigations and expressed their best wishes at the normalizing pickling unit no. 3 project, electrical steel r&d laboratory and belt roasting machine pellet project of beijing shougang co., ltd. in order to thank the employees for their hard work and contributions to the reform and development of shougang. in the main control room of the blast furnace of shougang jingtang, zhao minge learned in detail about its operation level, fuel consumption, cost control and other main indicators. he pointed out that the ironmaking operation department, as shougang jingtang's lead unit of the manufacturing process and cost reduction, should reduce the energy consumption and increase the output on the basis of the stable operation of the blast furnace, and strive to become the benchmark of the industry in terms of efficiency and cost. in front of the display panel showing the main ramp of the macheng iron ore project, zhao minge heard an introduction to the project's special design, construction and technical innovation, and gained a detailed understanding of the stratum, water level and waterproof treatment of the mining area. at the production site of beijing shougang, zhao minge listened carefully to an introduction to the production line operation and related projects, then told everyone to constantly pursue technological progress, deeply tap their own potential and pay close attention to extremely low-cost management so as to further improve the operational quality and enhance the competitiveness and influence of the enterprises.

on january 30th, zhao minge and jia xianggang braved the severe cold to visit the new coke oven and dry quenching area of the shougang tonggang limited company, xu fengjuan innovation studio of beijing shougang machinery & electric co., ltd., smart fire monitoring center, etc. to carry out front-line investigation and consolation, and check the production safety work. they also paid visits to ji wangang, a model worker representative of the ironmaking division, and sun xinghai, a representative of employees in difficult circumstances of the transportation company, to send the care and warmth of the group party committee to the hearts of its employees. zhao minge pointed out that it is necessary to further strengthen care for the employees, always keep their well-being in mind and strive to help them solve their problems and handle concrete affairs in a down-to-earth manner, thereby ensuring that employees who work diligently and hard will have a sense of belonging and happiness which will enhance the centripetal force and combat effectiveness of the enterprises.

in all units and everywhere he visited, zhao minge held cordial conversations with workers at all positions and extended festive greetings to them. everyone was greatly encouraged and said that they would fulfill their duties, redouble their efforts and resolutely complete all tasks and objectives. entering the front line, zhao minge listened carefully to the introductions of relevant personnel, learned in detail about the work and life, grass-roots innovation, process technology, equipment operation, product r&d, project construction, production safety, etc. of the employees, and encouraged everyone to make new achievements and contributions to the development of shougang in the coming year.

cordial greetings warm the hearts of employees and inspire them to devote themselves to the work of the coming year with greater enthusiasm. on january 28th and 29th, qiu yinfu and wang hongjun visited blast furnace no. 4 and the three-bar-rolling operation area, lean innovation training center and intelligent control center of shougang shuicheng iron & steel (group) co., ltd. (shougang shuicheng), and the steelmaking and smelting operation area and office building of shougang guiyang special steel co., ltd. (shougang guiyang) for investigation and consolation, and paid visits to representatives of model workers, advanced workers and employees in difficult circumstances. at the production site of shougang shuicheng, qiu yinfu listened to the introduction of relevant personnel and learned more about the workers' lives and the production, operation, safety and environmental protection conditions. at the lean innovation training center of shougang shuicheng, qiu yinfu visited the trainees of the third-phase "sqti" backbones' training class and encouraged them to cultivate themselves according to the working principle of "one focus, two combinations and three benefits". in the steelmaking and smelting operation area of shougang guiyang, qiu yinfu held a cordial exchange with the employees and inquired in detail about the problems they encountered in their work and life. he said that it is necessary to form a strong atmosphere of mass innovation and widespread entrepreneurship, create synergy and strive to solve the key, difficult and obstructing problems encountered in production and operation so as to develop and operate the enterprise well.

hu xiongguang, wang shizhong and wang jianwei visited dachang shougang electromechanical co., ltd., qinhuangdao shouqin metal material co., ltd. (shouqin company) and shougang changzhi steel & iron co., ltd. (changzhi steel & iron) respectively to carry out investigation, consolation and safety inspections.

during the investigation and consolation, the leading officials of the group listened to the work reports of beijing shougang, shougang jingtang, beijing-hebei caofeidian collaborative development demonstration zone construction investment co., ltd. ("caofeidian construction investment"), shougang mining corporation, shouqin company, dachang shougang electromechanical co., ltd., shougang shuicheng, shougang guiyang, shougang tonggang limited company and shougang changzhi steel & iron.

zhao minge affirmed the achievements made by all units in the last year and thanked the cadres and workers for their hard work and efforts. he pointed out that the year of 2024 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china. it is not only a crucial year for the implementation of the "14th five-year" plan, but also the first year of shougang embarking on a new journey of high-quality development after achieving the goal of laying the foundation for three years, so it is of great significance to do a good job this year. zhao minge pointed out that facing the severe and complicated situation, it is necessary to deeply understand the challenges and opportunities brought by the external environment and strive for strategic initiative. all units should be adept at grasping the opportunities presented by the structural changes in market demand, actively adapt to changes in market demand and the new cycle, and stabilize the fundamentals. focusing on the arrangement and deployment of the group's "two sessions", we should soundly implement the work of "leading in one aspect and integrating two aspects", deepen benchmarking and upgrading according to the "eight emphases" management guidelines, consolidate strengths and make up for deficiencies, hedge external market risks with solid internal work and continuously enhance the operational resilience of the enterprises.

zhao minge stressed that technological innovation should always be given top priority in enterprise development and unswervingly promoted to become the first competitiveness of shougang, thereby driving all-round innovation with technological innovation and effectively transforming technological superiority into advantages in products, cost, efficiency and competitiveness. it is necessary to stick to the nature of the enterprise, highlight its benefits as the center, continuously improve the ability in cost control, capital management and control, risk prevention and lean management, pursue revenue with profits and earnings with cash flow, and earnestly improve the operational quality. to pay equal attention to the coordination between industrial development and capital operation, the key is to actively create conditions for capital operation on the basis of improving operational quality, focus on the organization of key projects and the connection between industrial development and the capital market, continuously promote a series of capital operations and improve the level of capital securitization. it is necessary to do a good job in the construction and commissioning of major projects and build a new production organization model. for key projects such as macheng iron ore, it is also necessary to ensure the suitable deployment of human resources, form a new operational model and build a new management mode.

focusing on making a good beginning in operation and production in the first quarter, zhao minge emphasized that the first quarter is a critical period for laying the foundation and grasping implementation throughout the year, and doing a good job in the first quarter is very important as it is related to the overall situation. all units should, in accordance with the requirements of the annual budget, exert efforts repeatedly based on the objectives and tasks, go all out for the implementation of various tasks, ensure the completion of all tasks and objectives in the first quarter, "break a leg" in the first place, get off to a flying start, get off on the right foot and lay a solid foundation for the completion of the annual tasks and objectives.

focusing on doing a good job in the production safety work strictly and practically, zhao minge emphasized that as safety responsibility is of paramount importance, it is necessary to maintain a firm stance, attach great importance to and focus on production safety, and implement measures such as compacting the "two responsibilities" of safety, continuous special rectification, essential safety management, safety inspection-themed "four don'ts and two directs", and daily potential risk identification. we should give top priority to fire safety, strengthen fire control safety management in mines, factories, parks, construction sites and staff living quarters, and firmly hold the bottom line of "no accidents". we should also always put the production safety work first, focus on the increasingly high requirements of underground mining for technology and production safety management, implement safety management systems and responsibilities, build a line of defense for safe production and ensure the safe operation of the enterprises.

qiu yinfu stressed that it is necessary to conscientiously implement the spirit of the group's "two sessions", strengthen the consciousness of responsibility and awareness of crisis, proceed with confidence, rise to challenges, face up to gaps, look inward and respond to the difficulties and challenges brought by the severe market situation with effective measures and solid work. we should dare to take responsibility, act proactively, take real action, exert efforts repeatedly according to the requirements of the "eight emphases" management guidelines, tackle challenges continuously, do a good job in all aspects of benefit maximization and achieve better benefits through diligence and perseverance. it is necessary to be problem-oriented, goal-oriented and result-oriented, deepen benchmarking and upgrading, and effectively improve efficiency and effectiveness.

qiu yinfu stressed that it is necessary to unswervingly promote technological innovation to become the first competitiveness of shougang and blossom and yield fruit in all units. the iron and steel sector should give full play to platform synergy, continuously build the "five advantages", improve the "four manufacturing" levels earnestly, build its own "diamond drill" constantly, enhance its market competitiveness and remain invincible in the industry. to strengthen the main business according to the goals of extreme efficiency, extreme energy efficiency and extreme low cost, we should make great efforts in the "three outperforming aspects", hedge the influence of unfavorable factors in the market with our own efforts, constantly make up for deficiencies, consolidate strengths and see our good operational effectiveness reflected in the financial accounts. we should care for, trust and rely on the employees, give full play to their enthusiasm and creativity, stimulate their vitality and motivation, and pool their wisdom to create benefits and promote the high-quality development of the enterprises. qiu yinfu stressed that it is necessary to firmly hold the bottom line of the red line of production safety with higher and stricter requirements and more practical and detailed measures in order to ensure the overall safety and stability of shougang.

on february 6th, the leading officials of the group visited the homes of shougang's retired veteran comrades, model workers, production and technical backbones, and representatives of employees in difficult circumstances, thanked them for their contributions and hard work, and extended festive greetings and good wishes to them and their families. thanking the group party committee for its care, everyone was excited about shougang's achievements in reform and development, and full of confidence in the group's future development, and expressed that they will continue to give full play to their advantages and strive to make new and greater contributions to promoting shougang's high-quality development.

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