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shougang blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise enters internal testing stage

release time:2024-01-19 08:53:12

on january 1st, under the theme "exploring new beginnings in a century across time and space", shougang blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise officially entered the internal testing stage after successfully hosting the new year countdown activity in beijing. it is expected to be officially opened to the public around spring festival 2024, and a number of cultural tourism routes will be launched to meet the needs of different audiences.

after 17 months of design, construction, technical testing and opening preparation, shougang blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise was unveiled at the beginning of 2024 with its new identity as the "qitian" space starship and officially entered the internal testing stage. it will lead tourists as "star-seekers" to fight in a sea of stars and complete their missions. as the first batch of "crew members" of the "qitian" space starship, representatives of young fencing teams from all over the country embarked on an interstellar research journey.

as a fully immersive science fiction complex, shougang blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise is a brand-new attempt to integrate "future" into industrial relics. taking chinese science fiction stories as the inspiration, the venue has a wide layout of cutting-edge innovative technologies such as 5g, cloud computing, ar, vr, mr, ai, digital twin, large-space positioning, holographic images and 3d projection, integrating such functions as culture and art, popular science education, science and technology experience, exchange and display, leisure and entertainment, and catering and shopping, ultimately creating an immersive cultural tourism experience scene and injecting fresh vitality into shougang park and western beijing. it is of great significance for the transformation of industrial relics from "production" to "consumption" and the rebirth of industrial relics in the new era.

while the guests were stepping into 33metaclub future space, the maiden flight ceremony of beijing xinggang terminal building and the launch ceremony of the internal testing of blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise officially kicked off.

33metaclub future space is a multi-functional composite space integrating cultural exhibitions, event launches, e-sports, performing arts, music bars and so on. the original architectural structure and industrial style of shougang's century-old blast furnace relics are preserved to the maximum extent in the spatial renovation and design. based on the original 33-meter-high structure, the cyberpunk design elements, modern lighting and stage design, and xr extended reality immersive experience technology are scientifically integrated to reshape the industrial heritage building space.

at the same time, the futuristic rocket launchers in 33metaclub convey unique and shocking science fiction aesthetics. more sites of popular science research that integrate historical industrial design and aesthetics are incorporated into the tour, allowing visitors to enjoy a deep understanding and experience.

beijing xinggang is a secret spacecraft launch base built on the main structure of shougang blast furnace no. 1 which is connected to the space exploration outpost "qitian". visitors will become important crew members exploring space. starting from the beijing xinggang terminal building, they will embark on the "qitian" space starship and blast light years away to explore unknown galaxies and find new resources in an immersive manner, further expanding their knowledge boundaries.

at the launch ceremony, a rich and wonderful promotional video allowed everyone to experience the infinite illusion and innovation brought by shougang blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise, sparking their excitement for the interstellar journey. the guests awarded a license to the xinggang neighborhood committee to issue an escort qualification certificate to the "qitian" space starship; they also presented licenses and permanent navigation certificates to the core crew members of "qitian", and issued spaceship tickets to the representatives of the fencing team. the relevant person in charge of the capital development investment company then introduced the history and glory of blast furnace no. 1, and offered congratulations on the successful launch of blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise, which will inject vitality into the development of shougang's new science fiction industry.

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