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2024 beijing new year countdown held in shougang park

release time:2024-01-08 08:47:54

on the large screen of blast furnace no. 1 in shougang park, a swift known as the "elf of beijing" flew gracefully, signaling the start of a 60-second countdown to the new year. the colorful panorama of beijing's central axis, blending ancient and modern elements, unfolded through yongding gate, temple of heaven, zhengyang gate, hall of supreme harmony and bell tower with a perspective that counted down from "60, 50, 40, 30 and 20 seconds", showcasing the passage of time and cultural inheritance with naked-eye 3d images. the audience enthusiastically shouted "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1", and ar fireworks burst into the sky on the big screen, spectacular and dazzling. in an instant, neon lights illuminated countless streets with auspicious colors. beijing had ushered in a brand-new 2024!

embarking on a fresh start, everything is rejuvenated. the vibrant metropolis of beijing has embarked on an exhilarating journey. on the evening of december 31st, 2023, sponsored by the municipal bureau of culture and tourism, the 2024 beijing new year countdown was held in shougang park. yin yong, deputy secretary of the cpc municipal committee and mayor, attended and launched the event.

as night fell, the lights in shougang park shone brightly, marking the beginning of a full-scene and immersive new year celebration. as midnight approached, after a lively artistic performance for the new year countdown celebrations, the mayors of member cities of the world tourism cities federation, such as asti, italy, seoul, south korea, victoria, seychelles and wellington, new zealand, sent their new year greetings to beijing via video. the new year countdown was launched by yin yong; jürg burri, ambassador of switzerland to china; ian marshal, grenadian ambassador to china; mo gaoyi, member of the cpc beijing municipal committee standing committee and head of the publicity department; vice mayor sima hong; and other chinese and foreign guests. a 60-second countdown video was then played on the large screen, and swifts known as the "elf of beijing" flew to the naked-eye 3d screen, showing magnificent scenes along beijing's central axis. the audience welcomed the arrival of the new year amidst an exciting countdown. the event was attended by mu peng, secretary general of the municipal government, leaders of the shougang group such as zhao minge and liang jie, and many officials and workers of shougang.

this event fully integrated the industrial heritage and olympic heritage of shougang park, and the rich resources of commercial space and cultural tourism scenes. through the arrangement of high, medium and low spaces, as well as the systematic layout of points, lines and areas, it created a full-scene and immersive new year welcoming event with a 1 5 multi-point linkage.

in addition to the main venue of blast furnace no. 1, there were five new year's welcoming areas, namely the shangri-la hotel, chang'an mills shopping plaza, high line park, coke oven no. 3, water tower and big air shougang, all of which were open to the public. by setting up light sculpture devices, light paintings, projections, etc., a festive and vibrant new year atmosphere was created, complementing cultural and tourism business activities such as illuminated night scenes in shijingshan and commercial promotions in the park. these activities attracted numerous citizens who came to take photos at internet-famous locations, enjoy leisurely shopping activities or gather to enjoy delicious meals, truly showcasing a picture of "a better life shared by all" during the new year celebrations.

in the evening, cultural and tourism experience activities that blended ancient and modern times were held at the blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise. in the metaverse with its industrial and futuristic vibes, the diplomatic envoys of several countries immersed themselves in the "time roaming" electronic music starlight show, experienced a variety of distinctive intangible cultural heritage projects and enjoyed beautiful traditional cultural performances. the melodious sounds of guqin playing high mountain and flowing water flowed through steel corridors, and the graceful singing of peony pavilion lingered in the metaverse's super-space. traditional culture collided with modern civilization passionately, while industrial aesthetics seamlessly merged with innovative technology, bringing foreign guests a wonderful new year journey.

at 23:38, the new year countdown celebrations officially began. red silk danced in the air amid the resounding drums, and the seasons changed as time went by. beijing's seven world cultural heritage sites appeared on the screen, polishing the "golden business card" of beijing's history and culture. chinese and foreign singers sang beijing, symbolizing friendship and true feelings. scenes of people living and working in peace and contentment slowly unfolded, showcasing joy and serenity. construction achievements such as city of literary charm, capital of the performing arts, city of museums and the beijing international consumer center were shared by the people. the magnificent symphony and chorus set out for the future brought the atmosphere to a climax. beijing is embracing the world with innovation, open cooperation and a shared vision for the future, embarking on an exciting journey.

in the last 10 seconds of 2023, as the audience counted down in unison, a stunning calligraphy piece with the blessing "happy new year" written by mr. zhang ji, vice chairman of the china calligraphers association, was unveiled at 00:00. as a representative of excellent chinese traditional culture, calligraphy shows chinese traditional aesthetics and cultural confidence, captivating the world. this link will be reserved in every future new year countdown event in beijing.

according to the relevant statistics, more than 100,000 tourists participated in the new year's eve activities in shougang park.

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