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shougang park: winter olympics “cold resources” fuel “hot economy”

release time:2023-12-15 14:34:42

under the landing slope of the “snow flying apsaras” at big air shougang, nine ice crushers “chewed” ice cubes uniformly, and the snow presses waved huge shovels to quickly collect and transfer the fresh “snow” foam for the laying and shaping of the track. at the end of this month, the “snow flying apsaras” will once again usher in the fis snowboard and freeski big air world cup, which is another powerful interpretation of shougang park in the post-winter olympics era, tapping the sustainable utilization of winter olympics heritage and continuously warming up the “hot economy” of the park by adding fuel to the “fireworks”.

“meeting” again in winter

igniting the “fire” of garden competition

the once stunning “blessed land of double gold medals” where gu ailing and su yiming won gold medals has now transformed into the “most beautiful crystal shoe”, “industrial disneyland” and “flying snow in time and space” that makes ordinary people frequently “punch in”...

in the post-winter olympics era, as the only snow competition venue in the central urban area of beijing and the world’s first big air facility to be permanently preserved and used, big air shougang has attracted the attention of an increasing number of people and encouraged their participation in ice and snow sports. with the development of sports and cultural tourism products, the number of customers has gradually increased. in 2023 alone, big air shougang has received more than 800 business tour groups and more than 1,500 various government groups, with millions of citizens punching in.

guo xiaomin, deputy general manager of shougang park sports center, explained, “in recent years, we’ve actively promoted the sustainable utilization of winter olympic venues. big air shougang has hosted more than 10 sports and cultural commercial activities including the love charity run, sparta hurricane, fiba open 3×3 basketball tournament, static displays of auto brands, recording of the “heart to heart” special program of the all-china federation of trade unions, and 2023 cultural evening of the beijing culture forum, with the total participation of more than 80,000 people.”

relying on the influence of the beijing winter olympics and focusing on the positioning of sports and industry, shougang park has utilized its winter olympics facilities to create numerous events covering all four seasons of the year, letting the “fire” of the winter olympics “burn” more vigorously. the “shougang park ice and snow festival” event held in early 2023 received 56,000 tourists in just 43 days of operation, attracted many reports from mainstream media such as the xinhua news agency, cctv and beijing daily, and promoted sports culture as an important engine for regional industrial growth. recently, capitalizing on big air shougang’s venue advantages, sports events such as the beijing police marathon and ten mile race have been introduced successively. the “flying dancers” at the 2023 beijing culture forum vividly showcased the beauty of big air shougang, which is still vivid in people’s memories. at the end of 2023, after the fis snowboard and freeski big air world cup, the “shougang park ice and snow festival” for chinese new year 2024 will also be held using snow as a technological element.

the connection between steel and ice and snow, the integration of industry and sports, and the radiation effect of the winter olympics venues have further introduced sports resources into shougang park, igniting the passion and vitality of sports competitions. the shougang park cup 3×3 basketball tournament with the theme “investing together, towards the future“ showed the vitality and elegant demeanor of “shougang park partners” and made active explorations into “promoting vitality through activities and promoting consumption through communities”. the hosting of professional events such as the beijing bmx bike challenge, 2023 beijing youth u-series skateboarding championships, vision world skateboarding day, 2023 beijing youth u-series climbing championships and 2023 beijing climbing league has made extreme park the main venue for rock climbing and skateboarding competitions in beijing, highlighting the sports and industrial advantages of shougang park. 

taking turns performing the “main show”

letting “cold resources” release “heat effects”

“there is a mutual achievement between the winter olympics and shougang park. big air shougang was built in shougang park. with the advantages of beijing’s urban population, it has expanded the influence of ice and snow sports. ‘come to beijing, see big air shougang and visit shougang park’ has become a popular choice for travel, exhibitions and consumption in beijing,” said wang boyuan, big air shougang project manager of the winter olympics property department of beijing shougang park comprehensive service co., ltd., deeply moved. during the winter olympics, he served as closed-loop personnel to provide a guarantee for the winter olympics. over the past year or so, he has continued to serve and ensure all activities at big air shougang throughout the year. watching groups of tourists standing in the starting area of the big air and gazing over shougang park with excited smiles, he is also sincerely gratified and extremely proud to accompany and witness big air shougang’s continuous popularity.

sports are the expression of culture, and culture is the foundation of sports. the holding of the beijing winter olympics and various high-level events have met the needs of the public and further expanded the influence of shougang park. the 2023 cultural evening of the beijing culture forum was a cultural feast with high standards, large scale and wide influence held at big air shougang after the winter olympics. in a harmonious meeting of the natural landscape with cultural elements of ancient and modern china and foreign countries, over 600 guests from home and abroad gathered together. at the climax of the performance, big air shougang was transformed into a “colorful phoenix” which appeared in the same frame as a “flying dancer” composed of nearly 1,000 drones. the femininity and agility of the imagery were amazing alongside the unique charm of big air shougang, marking the moment at which industrial culture, winter olympic culture, modern culture and classical culture achieved cross-border integration.

the former “industrial rust belt” has turned into a “vibrant urban show”. the china international fair for trade in services (ciftis), science fiction conference, world youth development forum, baidu world conference and other activities have landed in shougang park. after the winter olympics, the exhibition hall of shougang park is never idle all year round, and its popularity and industrial vitality continue to improve, gradually becoming the fulcrum of shougang park, an international consumption center city in beijing. in addition, shougang park actively commissioned professional institutions to carry out the logo image design of the big air venues, laying the foundation for establishing a market-oriented derivatives development system. by collaborating with cctv and utilizing blockchain technology, the big air shougang series of digital cultural and creative art collections has been launched. shougang park has completed the trademark registration of big air shougang, xuefeitian, new shougang bridge, qunming lake, blast furnace no. 3, xiuchi, cooling tower and other graphic trademarks in 38 categories, with a total of 155 trademarks registered, providing support for the intangible asset protection of shougang’s winter olympics and industrial heritage.

introducing exhibitors, setting up platforms, building scenes and promoting culture, a large number of olympic facilities, industrial relics and cultural landscapes such as big air shougang, blast furnace no. 3 and xishi silo have become the most eye-catching winter olympic heritage sites, and various premiere activities have continued to gather, providing diversified experiences in science fiction, catering, hotels, retail and exhibitions, thereby revitalizing the industrial relics of shougang in the past century and releasing the unique charm of the development of the capital city in the new era.

gathering the “high precision and cutting-edge” of the industry

accelerating the “new engine” of the science and technology innovation industry

the questions of how to make sustainable use of winter olympics heritage and how to update and transform industrial relics have found the “shougang answer” in the unique “shougang scene”. in the post-winter olympics era, shougang park has made overall plans for development, construction and investment attraction, actively introduced new formats and models, and transformed from a “conference venue” to an “industrial cluster”.

shougang park focuses on “science and technology industry”, forming an “ideal place” for high-precision and cutting-edge industrial agglomeration with an increasingly strong “magnet effect”. the beijing yuanyu science fiction future technology research institute has been established here, with well-known science fiction writers wang jinkang and liu cixin’s studios unveiled, six key enterprises signing contracts for projects and 13 settled enterprises winning science fiction planet technology awards... more than 70 science fiction and technology enterprises including china mobile migu, aerospace science and technology intelligence institute, and lingyunguang have successively landed in science fiction industry clusters. in addition, the blast furnace no. 1 soreal metaverse paradise and the new space of the metaverse experience center in hall 10 of ciftis will be gradually opened to the public, initially constructing an industrial development pattern of “content creation ip transformation film and television special effects production hard technology immersive experience”.

the sci-tech innovation platform is a solid foundation supporting the high-quality development of industries. shougang park has continuously increased the introduction of leading, innovative and growth-oriented enterprises, and accelerated the construction of an innovative leading enterprise cluster. the innovation center of the oxygen plant focuses on introducing r&d offices, exhibitions and international exchange sections of digital intelligence, aerospace and autonomous driving enterprises. at present, well-known high-tech enterprises such as the china lunar exploration center, eighth academy cloud arrow, tencent technology, baidu apollo and international cloud broadcasting have been introduced. jin’an science fiction plaza focuses on introducing science fiction, internet 3.0, artificial intelligence, aerospace and aviation related industries. at present, it has introduced the aerospace science and technology intelligence institute, migu culture, shouhui industry and finance, and zhongguancun science fiction industry innovation center, the only leading benchmark incubator and innovative service platform in china with a focus on the science fiction industry. to date, there are more than 270 enterprises in the park, with technology enterprises accounting for more than 70%, and more than 20 specialized, refined, innovative and national high-tech enterprises. shougang park is striving to become the shougang highland of the beijing international science and technology innovation center.

shougang park, with its own development advantages, actively promotes the sustainable utilization of big air shougang and other winter olympic heritage sites, accelerating the construction of a new landmark of urban revitalization with the aim of “together for a shared future”. the 2023 fis snowboard and freeski big air world cup, which will be held at big air shougang in shougang park, is not only a concentrated display of the exquisite skills of global ice and snow athletes, but another wonderful presentation of the sustainable utilization of winter olympic heritage in shougang park.

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