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​three shougang units named "benchmark enterprise for green development"

release time:2023-12-01 09:48:51

recently, the fourth national green and low-carbon development conference for the iron and steel industry was held in nanjing, and awards were presented to individuals and enterprises who won the titles "benchmark enterprise for green development" and "guardian for environmental protection" in 2023. beijing shougang, changzhi steel & iron and shougang jingtang won the title of "benchmark enterprise for green development" in 2023, and jiang bo from changzhi steel & iron won the title "guardian for environmental protection".

guided by xi jinping's thought on ecological civilization, beijing shougang practices the development concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". as an ultra-low emission pilot unit of the ministry of ecology and environment, beijing shougang became the first iron and steel enterprise in china to pass the ultra-low emission assessment and whole-process monitoring in january 2020. it received more than 2,000 people from more than 200 regions and enterprises who participated in learning and exchange, helped more than 30 iron and steel enterprises to complete their ultra-low emission transformation, thoroughly fulfilled the social responsibility of a state-owned enterprise and embodied the spirit of responsibility shared by state-owned enterprises.

high energy efficiency contributes to achieving the "dual carbon" goals. in july 2023, the low-carbon action plan of beijing shougang co., ltd. was officially released, attracting widespread attention in the industry. the r&d and application of many technologies, including the graded use of energy, universal recovery of waste heat and energy, reduction of temperature drop in molten iron, large-scale pellet smelting, deep bed sintering and source carbon control, process carbon reduction and end capture at the top and bottom of converters with combined blowing, have highlighted the importance of the sustainable development of the industrial chain from the perspective of the whole life cycle, promoted the harmonious progress and common carbon reduction of upstream and downstream industries, and laid a solid foundation for achieving peak carbon and carbon neutrality.

shougang jingtang is a modernized large-scale iron and steel enterprise designed and built completely according to the concept of the circular economy. it has always adhered to the guidance of green development, aimed at higher standards and levels, made overall plans and systematic promotion, and continuously created new advantages in high-quality development. it has always practiced the mission of green development and made every effort to build a green chemical plant in the industry. it has upgraded and reconstructed flue gas desulfurization and denitration in sintering, pelletizing and hot blast stoves, optimized and upgraded fabric filters in ironmaking, steelmaking and other processes, and achieved regional unorganized treatment. it has fully enclosed its coal yards and mining yards, set up an environmental intelligent management and control platform, and built an ultra-low emission system based on the next-generation recyclable steel process. it has continuously improved the factory environment and achieved the goal of becoming an a-level enterprise, maintaining its a-level enterprise status and then becoming a leader among a-level enterprises.

in recent years, shougang jingtang has been rated as an "environmentally friendly enterprise for clean production in the iron and steel industry in china", "green factory" and "benchmark enterprise for green development" by the ministry of industry and information technology; won such titles as "national outstanding contribution enterprise for emission reduction in air pollution", green and low carbon excellent brand enterprise, standardized support unit in green manufacturing and water efficiency leader, and the 9th enterprise china baosteel environmental excellence award, and has been honored as a model of green transformation and development in the iron and steel industry.

shougang changzhi steel & iron always regards green, low-carbon and sustainable development as the main directions of enterprise development, actively practices the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", and fulfills the social responsibility of a red state-owned enterprise. according to the ideas of source governance, comprehensive governance and systematic governance, it has continuously promoted the upgrading of its environmental governance, unswervingly followed the path of prioritizing ecological and green development, continuously consolidated the foundation of environmental protection management and laid a solid foundation for high-quality development. on the basis of completing the ultra-low emission goals it set on october 31st, 2020, shougang changzhi steel & iron's progress in transformation, evaluation and monitoring for ultra-low emissions was publicized on the website of the china iron and steel association on january 8th, 2021 (the eighth long-process steel enterprise in china and the second in shanxi province). the company has been rated as a "green factory" by the ministry of industry and information technology, and won such honors as "demonstration base for quality brands of construction steel", "environmental and social responsibility enterprise of the year", "benchmark enterprise for green development in iron and steel", "blue meritorious enterprise for the spring festival in shanxi province" and "demonstration enterprise for energy saving manufacturing in shanxi province".

based on the reality of his work, jiang bo has earnestly implemented the requirements of the state, provinces and cities for environmental protection, closely focused on the general principle of "source reduction, process control and end treatment" to consolidate the ultra-low emission achievements and serve production and operation, formulated the green action plan of changzhi steel & iron, promoted the implementation of more than 20 environmental protection treatment projects and ensured the up-to-standard discharge of various pollutants. he has actively carried out research on environmental protection technology, and he was granted an invention patent for his control of dust overflow in dust removal of converter. he also undertook the ultra-low emission visit and research activities of "public engagement in beautiful shanxi: tour of experts and media".

at the conference, in-depth discussions and exchanges were conducted on the r&d, promotion and application of industry governance technologies with a focus on the planning and development trends of national policies on green, low carbon and ultra-low emissions in the iron and steel industry. the conference was attended by representatives of the evaluation center of the ministry of ecology and environment, ministry of industry and information technology, china iron and steel association, all-china environment federation, china metallurgical industry planning and research institute and china metallurgical news, as well as more than 200 representatives from the metallurgical industry and environmental protection industry across the country.

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