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products of shougang shuicheng iron & steel (group) co., ltd. win ten quality awards

release time:2023-12-01 14:34:32

recently, the products of shougang shuicheng iron & steel (group) co., ltd., namely hot-rolled plain round steel bars, hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, anchor steel for mining and high-quality high-carbon steel hot-rolled wire rods, were awarded ten honors by the china association for quality inspection, including "national product and service quality integrity brand", "national quality reputation guarantee product", "national quality inspection trustworthy product" and "national quality inspection reputation guarantee product".

shougang shuicheng iron & steel (group) co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shuicheng iron & steel) is the largest and most influential state-owned large-scale iron and steel enterprise in guizhou province. it mainly focuses on iron and steel manufacturing, and integrates mining, coal coking, import and export trade, automobile transportation, mechanical processing, construction and installation, cement and other supporting industries. its products cover more than 20 series and more than 100 varieties and specifications, including long products, building materials, high-strength steel, flexible wire steel, hard wire steel, welding steel, carbon-bonded round steel and steel for pc base material. in terms of application, the products have expanded from construction steel to products used in such industries as wire making, rope making, machinery, hardware and automobile manufacturing. the products have won many honors such as "national inspection-free product", "metallurgical physical quality gold cup award" and "famous brand product in guizhou province", enjoying strong brand awareness and a good brand effect in southwest china.

in 2022, shuicheng iron & steel further enhanced its innovation capacity and competitiveness by continuously improving its scientific and technological support and quality control capabilities. on the one hand, by strengthening process discipline management, optimizing the production process and strengthening basic management, the stability and smoothness of the production system have been effectively ensured. on the other, it has strengthened key technology research and increased efforts in new product development. under the guidance of the shougang research institute of technology, the converter dual slag ultra-low phosphorus test of variety steel and the on-line temperature monitoring system project of no. 1 high-speed wire were carried out. the phosphorus content control technology for variety steel has been further improved, and the on-line temperature monitoring system for high-speed wire has effectively guided production.

shuicheng iron & steel will continue to promote the upgrading of its products and shape the hard power of its brand. it will keep a close eye on the goal of excellent steel, adhere to the direction of "high, fine and excellent", continue to promote the implementation of the three-year action plan for upgrading its products and strengthen the development of high-strength 82b, high-strength hard wires, high-strength anchor rods, galvanized steel wire and other products. at the same time, a product laboratory will be established with a technology center, doctor station and craftsman field as the carriers for new product development, and multiple measures will be taken simultaneously to improve the brand competitiveness of shuicheng iron & steel's products. last but not least, shuicheng iron & steel will also stick close to the market in product r&d and production, balance production and demand, strengthen variety benefits and technical reserves, and seize the opportunity of its product r&d center construction to steadily improve the quality and output of its variety steel.

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