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shougang’s business card on the "belt and road"

release time:2023-11-16 14:17:07

this year marks the 10th anniversary of general secretary xi jinping's initiative to jointly build the "belt and road initiative". as a large state-owned enterprise, shougang actively responds to the call of the “belt and road”, from the supply of high-end steel products to infrastructure construction. shougang’s brand, shougang’s services and shougang’s manufacturing shine on the “belt and road”.

founded in 1919, shougang is an enterprise with a history of over 100 years. as early as the 1990s, it had already gone abroad to invest and carry out international cooperation in the countries jointly building the “belt and road”. today, it has established overseas institutions in many countries and regions, and developed from a single steel enterprise to a comprehensive large-scale enterprise group that focuses on both steel and urban integrated services, operates across industries, regions, ownerships and countries, and has become a practitioner of china's reform and opening up, and the construction of the “belt and road”.

high-end products go to the “belt and road”

shougang continues to push forward many technical research projects and high-end products such as its independently developed electrical steel, high-performance bridge steel and hydropower steel, which have been successfully applied in the construction of several national key projects along the “belt and road” route and won the high praise of the owners.

the oriented electrical steel developed by shougang ranks in the first echelon of transformer materials in the world. it is widely used in such fields as "double million" uhv transformers and high-efficiency and energy-saving distribution transformers, and has been successfully applied to national power stations and power grid projects in angola, laos, thailand and other “belt and road” countries.

padma bridge spans padma river, the largest river in south asia. like the yangtze river in china, padma river occupies an extremely important position in the hearts of bengalis, and padma bridge is praised as the "bridge of dreams" by local residents. with a total length of 6,150 m, it is one of the most important passages connecting china, southeast asia and south asia, an important transportation fulcrum project of the “belt and road” initiative, the largest overseas bridge project undertaken by chinese enterprises up to now, and one of the bridges with the most special geology and difficult foundation construction in the world. it is the first to adopt european standard ultra-thick plate, dual-purpose steel trusses and a fully welded structure. the maximum steel plate thickness reaches 115 mm, and shougang supplied all of its 70-115 mm ultra-thick plates. in total, shougang supplied more than 70,000 tons of steel plate, a supply ratio of 70%.

before bidding for the project, the shougang bridge steel team made an early vendor involvement, cooperated closely with the china railway major bridge engineering group, exchanged and studied the technical problems of steel plates in advance, attained european standard ce certification for the products and accepted audits by bridge experts from bangladesh, europe and america twice on behalf of chinese steel mills. the physical quality of the products amazed experts at home and abroad. ultra-thick bridge steel is one of the products with the highest difficulty in bridge steel manufacturing anywhere in the world. the shougang bridge technical team solved the technical problems of ultra-thick bridge steel thick plate such as its poor performance uniformity, difficult welding at high preheating temperatures and difficult matching of strength and low temperature toughness. the products are superior to domestic and foreign products of the same grade in various indexes, and have been highly recognized by the bangladesh national technical committee and bridge experts at home and abroad.

in 2017, the scientific research achievement "development and application of welding technology for high-strength easy welding thick plate and supporting welding materials for large hydropower stations", led by shougang and jointly participated in by relevant units, passed the achievement appraisal of the chinese society for metals, and the overall technology of the project reached the international advanced level, among which the integrated technology of steel manufacturing and supporting welding for high-head large-scale power stations reached the international leading level.

in order to develop clean energy and improve the power generation efficiency of hydropower stations, the head design and installed capacity of hydropower stations at home and abroad have been continuously improved. the steel used for the aorta pressure pipelines of hydropower stations shows extra-thick, high-strength, high-toughness and easy-to-weld development trends. shougang took the lead in starting with the needs of china's hydropower industry, worked jointly with the relevant units, made breakthroughs in a series of technical bottlenecks in the manufacturing and application of high-strength and extra-thick hydropower steel after eight years of tackling the key problems, and put forward the first integrated solution for easy-to-weld and high-strength hydropower steel plates, welding materials and supporting welding processes that meet the construction and service requirements of pressure pipelines in high-head large-scale hydropower stations. through the joint efforts of several generations of shougang technicians, the 600–800 mpa high-strength hydropower products developed by shougang were applied for the first time in guandi hydropower station, then in muruo hydropower station in malaysia, and then in xpxn power station in laos, providing users with integrated product and welding solutions. shougang’s hydropower products were developed from nothing and experienced a trajectory from weak to strong, having been applied in many large hydropower stations at home and abroad such as tarbela hydropower station in pakistan, gibb iii hydropower station in ethiopia and xianju hydropower station. shougang’s integrated technology of steel manufacturing and supporting welding for high-head large-scale power stations not only provides strong support for the technological upgrading of china's hydropower industry, but also enhances the influence of china's hydropower in the countries jointly building the “belt and road”, which is of great significance for promoting the output of china's advantageous manufacturing capacity.

polishing the "shougang construction" brand

taking advantage of the “belt and road”, shougang actively explores overseas markets, creates its golden business card, contributes to the joint construction of the “belt and road” in national infrastructure construction, livelihood improvement and other aspects, and establishes a good image for chinese enterprises.

- "an iron-like army specializing in metallurgy and construction" is well-known in africa.

in badiwa town, oran city, algeria, a modern steel mill with a green facade has been built. it is the second steel mill in algeria. the 2.3 million-ton steelmaking and oxygen production project undertaken by beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. commenced at the end of 2016, lasted for one and a half years, and was completed and put into production in july 2018. shougang’s builders won the high recognition of the owners and general contractor by relying on their rich construction experience in metallurgical projects and the brand spirit of striving for perfection.

in order to make the shougang brand famous, after taking on the task, beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. quickly made preparations, packaged and transported materials, compiled and reviewed construction schemes, prepared the technical data. it then dispatched employees to plan the construction site, inspect the material supply, machinery market and labor market in the area, and communicate with major equipment manufacturers in the oxygen production field. at the same time, according to the engineering requirements, experienced and skilled managers, technicians and construction teams were selected to make full preparations for building a high-quality project.

during the construction process, employees from beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. fully carried forward the spirits of craftsmanship, refined management and precise construction. as the project site has a mediterranean climate, under the influence of subtropical high pressure in the dry season before november, it is common for the airflow to sink, the amount of clouds to be scarce and the wind force to reach grade 7 or 8, which has a great impact on the hoisting of large-scale equipment. in order to ensure the construction progress, the project department of beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. rationally arranged each working procedure, actively implemented pre-plan measures in case of bad weather, made technical and safety disclosures in advance, and appropriately adjusted the working procedures to prevent the occurrence of safety and operation accidents. the project department drew upon its many years of professional experience and technical advantages to install the main structures of spherical oxygen tanks with a diameter of more than 8 meters in just one day. all welded parts in the construction passed strict inspection by an algerian inspection institution, and the qualified rate of flaw detection reached 100%, without any bubbles and impurities. the local people praised them again and again.

while doing a good job in project construction, beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. fully respected local customs and established friendly and cooperative relations. local muslim workers were allowed to come to work an hour later on friday afternoons so that they could pray. during ramadan, the project department of beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. required the chinese personnel not to eat or drink in front of muslims, and to impress the local employees with details and corporate culture. they also gave paper, pens and candies to the local children, carried out cultural and sports activities with the local residents, helped each other and got along well, so they were loved by local people.

-  the "international family" jointly builds the persian gulf.

the “belt and road” initiative has brought rare development opportunities to middle eastern countries and provided a broad development stage for chinese enterprises. beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. collaborates with others and borrows their resources to accomplish its own tasks and accelerate the development of the middle east market.

in march 2016, beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd.’s uae project department was established in abu dhabi. it had 38 employees, including 15 chinese personnel and 23 foreigners from egypt, syria, pakistan, india, the philippines and other countries, making it a veritable "international family".

the seaview building on alerim island in the persian gulf was the first project of the uae project department. it was a high-standard residential project that included three parking buildings and 15 standard floors, with a total construction area of over 28,000 m2. as the general contractor, beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. undertook construction tasks such as civil engineering, glass curtain walls, electromechanical engineering and interior decoration.

during construction, all the staff of the project department overcame such difficulties as high temperature and lack of construction personnel, and insisted on strict management to ensure high-quality construction.

showing the strength of shougang construction and building the shougang brand. with its own strength, the uae project department of beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. wins the market and customers, and cooperation projects come one after another. in november 2017, the commencement ceremony of the uae central park project undertaken by beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. was held. with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, higher quality standards and a more rigorous working attitude, the project department built another local landmark building.

- "the road of friendship" connects the chinese and kazakh people

shougang actively responded to the national “belt and road” initiative. while carrying out overseas project construction, it also carried the image of the enterprise and country, and set a new example of responsible chinese state-owned enterprises overseas.

kazakhstan is a major country in central asia and the first stop for china's “belt and road” construction to extend westward. the tku national highway reconstruction project is a key project in kazakhstan, as well as a key follow-up project of the “belt and road” initiative in central asia. beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. won the bidding for 70 km of the third construction contract section “km410-480”, and was responsible for all construction and installation work in the bid section. during the construction period, beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. learned that a main road in local village kulebai became muddy on rainy and snowy days, which brought a lot of inconvenience to villagers' lives. the project department decided to help the villagers repair the main road leading to the village. gravel materials were provided by the village, and the machinery equipment was provided by the project department. a total of 14 sets of machinery equipment were put to use for two days to carry out material transportation and scraping and rolling construction, and a street with a total length of 1,500 m and a width of 6 m was built beside the highway in the village. the assistance of the project department in building the village road not only enhanced its relationship with the local people, but also built a bridge of friendship between the two countries. after the road was built, the villagers were excited. villager hu wanishi said, "in the past, when it rained, the streets were covered with mud and i couldn't walk. seeing this brand-new street now, i sincerely thank the chinese company for its help."

after many extraordinary years, witnessed by the world, and with the efforts of shougang employees, buildings shine brightly on the world stage. in the past ten years, shougang has completed many projects such as the new hangar of ethiopian airlines, 2.3 million-ton steelmaking project in algeria, central park project in uae, kk phase i municipal project in angola, no. 4 blast furnace of zimbabwe co., ltd., multifunctional diesel engine factory in myanmar, theone in the cbd core area in colombo, sri lanka, etc.

with the deepening of the construction of the “belt and road”, shougang employees will shoulder the mission and make new and greater contributions to the economic and social development of the countries and regions jointly building the “belt and road”.

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