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2023 shougang park web 3.0 international forum held

release time:2023-10-20 09:38:26

on the afternoon of september 5th, during the 2023 china international fair for trade in services, the 2023 shougang park web 3.0 international forum was held in shougang park.

guided by the beijing municipal science and technology commission, administrative commission of zhongguancun, beijing municipal bureau of economy and information technology, and beijing association for science and technology, the shijingshan district government and shougang group jointly held the 2023 shougang park web 3.0 international forum. it was based on the positioning of the international center for science & technology innovation in beijing and international exchange center, thoroughly implemented the relevant policies of the beijing municipal government on the web 3.0 industry and work arrangements such as international communication and international exchanges and cooperation, made full use of the resource, innovation and scenario advantages of shijingshan district and shougang park in the field of web 3.0, and built the shougang highland of the international center for science & technology innovation in beijing.

at the forum, the "international web 3.0 innovation union" initiated by the shougang group was established. nine units became the first batch of initiated member units, namely beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd., shougang fund, zgc science fiction industry innovation center, russia-china innovation and entrepreneurship center, european union china center, korea (joint-stock company) zeta plan investment, chaoxuan intelligent technology research institute, beijing tongxin juli haizhi human resources service co., ltd. and beijing changfeng information technology industry alliance.

beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. held a signing ceremony for six institutions and enterprises to move into shougang park, namely beijing beiji xingtu technology co., ltd., lingyu technology (beijing) co., ltd., blm technology co., ltd., andean road countries for science and technology, korea (joint-stock company) zeta plan investment and beijing shouban technology co., ltd.

several chinese and foreign guests delivered keynote speeches that focused on challenges, applications and measures in aspects such as international web 3.0, the digital economy and scientific and technological innovation. they also held a round-table dialogue themed "opportunities for global innovation brought by web 3.0 industry development", discussed industry development and international cooperation, and offered advice and suggestions for the development of web 3.0.

it is understood that the international web 3.0 industrial union (hereinafter referred to as “iwiu”) is an international web 3.0 industrial innovation cooperation platform established under the guidance of the construction strategy of the beijing international science and technology innovation center, and initiated and set up by the shougang group and overseas international organizations and institutions in beijing. relying on the spatial carrier and preferential policies of shougang park, it gathered overseas innovation and entrepreneurship service institutions, and attracted international outstanding projects and innovative enterprises to transform and settle in the park with the joint assistance of industry opportunities, municipal policies and the industrial base of shougang park. it aims to realize the sharing of web 3.0 innovative technology resources between beijing and overseas countries, explore mutually beneficial and win-win high-quality modes of joint development and cross-border cooperation, gather a number of international outstanding web 3.0 industrial projects and innovative enterprises to settle in beijing, promote a number of science and technology enterprises and technologies in beijing to "go global", and build a network platform for international cooperation and exchange.

as a new landmark of urban revitalization in the capital in the new era, shougang park is an important supporting area of the international center for science & technology innovation in beijing. in recent years, shougang park has seized the development opportunity of the digital economy and made great efforts to build an industrial pattern focusing on web 3.0, science fiction and artificial intelligence with the successful hosting of the winter olympics, china international fair for trade in services and science fiction convention. beijing has made plans for the web 3.0 industry in a forward-looking manner. many leading enterprises, technological innovation-oriented enterprises and scenario application-oriented enterprises have been introduced, forming a complete web 3.0 industrial system that covers infrastructure, interactive terminals, platform tools and applications. shougang park was successfully selected as a typical case in the beijing web 3.0 application scenario research report by virtue of introducing several public technical service platforms to provide full-chain technical support and services for the web 3.0 industry. in the next step, shougang park will build a web 3.0 industrial innovation base. building a web 3.0 industrial union will attract overseas service organizations, innovation centers, technology transfer centers and international innovation resources. relying on the advantages of the four leading industries in shougang park, namely the science fiction metaverse, web 3.0, artificial intelligence and aerospace, the shougang group will further open up its industrial resources and innovation scenarios in the park, attract international technologies, talents and projects from the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to settle in the park, form a highland of innovative resource clusters with international competitiveness and create a new brand for the international development of western beijing.

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