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shougang group won the “most admired chinese companies” in 2021

release time:2021-12-30 10:04:54

a few days ago, fortune china released the list of the “most admired chinese companies” in 2021, on which the shougang group ranked 37th.

the list of the “most admired chinese companies”, co-produced by fortune china and korn ferry, is recognized as a “barometer” of the soft power of chinese companies.

fortune distributed questionnaires to 51,696 chinese business managers through the internet, and received 576 valid responses. each interviewee scored candidate companies based on nine criteria: management quality, product/service quality, innovation ability, long-term investment value, financial status, talent attraction and retention ability, social responsibility, rational asset use and global operation effectiveness, and finally selected the 50 companies with the highest overall scores.

the 455 candidate companies in this survey are largely chinese companies in the domestic top 500 and global top 500, as well as certain well-known chinese large enterprises.

it is reported that china baowu, ansteel and shagang are also among the steel enterprises on this list, ranking 5th, 39th and 45th respectively.

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