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shougang jingtang wins title of “excellent partner” by cimc raffles

release time:2021-07-21 10:03:00

recently, shougang jingtang won the title of “excellent partner” in the supplier evaluation of cimc raffles for 2020. “the steel plates supplied by jingtang are the highest quality among all suppliers. the size control, surface pretreatment quality and contract delivery dates of the steel plates have exceeded our expectations” said yu yunlong, director of the process department of cimc raffles.

cimc raffles is a subsidiary of cimc and a leading enterprise in marine platform manufacturing. as the main supplier of cimc raffles, shougang cooperated with cimc on developing the ultra-deep-water double-rig semi-submersible drilling platform. shougang jingtang also cooperated with cimc on developing several offshore wind power projects and the largest marine pasture project in asia. at the beginning of 2020, jingtang visited users and learned about their demand for new products and surface pretreatment technology in wind power projects. several departments including the manufacturing department, medium plate business department and marketing center organized technical teams to visit cimc, conduct exchanges and visit the pretreatment production lines of users. based on the personalized needs of users, they formulated precise production control plans and organized trial production certification. they successively organized and completed the certification of eh36 and below steel plates for marine platforms by eight national classification societies, with the maximum thickness expanded from 50 mm to 100 mm, covering normalized rolling, controlled rolling and normalized and tmcp series. the certification specifications exceed the historical maximum thickness of the company, fully cover the steel demand for marine platform projects and lay a good technical foundation for accelerating the expansion of bilateral cooperation. since 2020, shougang jingtang has supplied cimc raffles with 51,000 tons of steel for offshore wind power and 11,000 tons for pretreatment offshore platforms, which have been applied to offshore wind power projects such as marine pasture projects, spic in jieyang shenquan, xuwen in zhanjiang and chd qingzhou in yangjiang.

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