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shougang fund leads investment in “haomo zhixing” to help china’s autonomous driving

release time:2021-06-16 16:13:11

recently, by virtue of its progress in autonomous driving, the shougang fund invested in haomo zhixing technology co., ltd. as the lead investor with co-investors meituan and gl ventures.

established in november 2019, haomo zhixing was formerly known as the intelligent driving department of great wall motors (gwm) before receiving angel investment from great wall holdings. haomo zhixing’s core team is partly from gwm and partly from a team of internet and ai experts. thanks to the genetic convergence of these two types of talents, haomo zhixing attaches importance to data value, product iterative closed-loop and user experience, and possesses the capacity for industrial chain collaboration, quality management and cost control in the traditional automotive industry. with the help of a professional investment team and the top experts in the industry, it is determined to steadily become the pathfinder and leader of autonomous driving in china. at present, its business involves auto-driving systems for passenger cars and enterprise logistics cars, forming a dual-product line strategy for the passenger car and low-speed terminal logistics market. in order to accelerate the “landing’” of the industry, haomo zhixing put forward the “windmill strategy” layout embracing passenger cars, low-speed logistics cars and intelligent hardware. in these three directions, environmental data is constantly collected to produce better products and achieve a virtuous cycle.

the establishment of haomo zhixing is an iconic event in the transition of china’s traditional leading oems to intellectualization. with this investment, the shougang fund is optimistic about the “dual-product line” and “windmill strategy” of haomo zhixing, and believes that, in the medium and long term, autonomous driving enterprises separated from oems have obvious accumulative advantages in the field of intelligence. as an excellent domestic oem with independent brands, gwm has a broad customer base and guaranteed continuous sales growth. haomo zhixing will make full use of the big data resources of oems to form a closed loop, and take advantage of gwm’s outstanding manufacturing genes to cooperate on creating a new generation of highly competitive intelligent products. in the foreseeable 3 to 5 years, the advantages of haomo zhixing’s mode will become clearer and more obvious in terms of product strength, and further expand industry cooperation to export intelligence capabilities.

the shougang fund was the first investment institution to focus on the nev and transportation fields in china. it has successfully invested in high-quality projects such as shoucheng holdings (, one (li), baic bluepark (, foton motor (, guazi, skyline and nev new motor materials. the investment portfolio of the shougang fund runs through the whole industrial chain of the nev and transportation fields, from upstream raw materials, chips and complete vehicles to automobile aftermarkets such as parking and used car trading.

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