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city darning innovation workshop project in shougang beijing park advances steadily

release time:2021-06-03 18:40:50

recently, the reporter visited the phase i construction site of the city darning innovation workshop project in shougang beijing park. the motor of the shovel was roaring, trucks were moving in orderly succession and the constructors were working at full tilt. the project is currently in the earthwork stage.

this project involves the construction of a large-scale commercial office complex integrated with the subway. it is located in the original precision workshop and structure workshop of the old shougang machinery factory. during the renovation, the project team takes into account the style and features of the original factory, and the requirements of integrated development and construction, in undertaking the protective demolition and reconstruction of the factory. the bridge and roof trusses over the road are connected to four workshops, continuing the roof texture of the original workshop and creating an aerial walking system. the four underground plots are connected with the space below the road, creating a “super first floor”; the skylight in the center of the road lights up, forming “cross light street” and creating a commercial vitality ring crossed commercial street. the large atrium runs vertically from bottom to top, bearing the main pedestrian accesses, contributing to the underground commercial lighting and highlighting the original open space of the above-ground workshop.

phase i is divided into the central and western blocks, with four floors above ground and two floors below ground. it covers a total floor area of 101,000 m2, with 53,000 m2 in the first phase of the central block and 48,000 m2 in the first phase of the western block. at present, all 64 slope protection piles in the central block have been completed. at exit a of new shougang station on line m11, the sinking section of the pipe gallery has been excavated to a lowest elevation of 60.8 m. all 22 steel structure columns on the underground first floor of new shougang station have all been installed in place and are now being welded. a total of 90% of the site hardening has been finished, and the site layout is basically completed.

as a key project in the north block of new shougang, phase i of this project is designed and constructed in an integrated way with new shougang station on line m11, bearing the function of passenger flow entrance and exit for the winter olympics, making it the “first impression” of subway passengers regarding the games. the capital development investment fund and construction unit are organizing carefully, managing precisely and constructing accurately to ensure that the construction tasks are completed in order, on schedule and with both quality and quantity guaranteed.

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