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shougang new energy vehicle drive motor lab passes cnas certification

release time:2021-05-13 09:47:21

recently, the new energy vehicle drive motor laboratory of shougang zhixin electromagnetic company passed cnas certification, becoming the first and only company boasting such capabilities and testing qualifications in the steel industry.

cnas, short for the china national accreditation service for conformity assessment, is a national accreditation body approved and authorized by the certification and accreditation administration of the p.r.c., being responsible for the accreditation of certification bodies, laboratories and inspection bodies. 

taking innovation as the core driving force leading development, zhixin electromagnetic company consistently strengthens the construction of the innovation platform, continuously improves the construction level of silicon steel engineering technology research centers, and cooperates with top domestic scientific research institutes and industry leaders to build several joint laboratories covering product research and development, thereby constantly improving shougang’s electrical steel innovation capabilities and service capabilities. since it was put into operation in october 2019, the new energy drive motor laboratory has, according to system documents and quality management specifications certified by cnas, carried out more than thirty new energy drive motor performance tests, provided testing services for many units, fully tested equipment and systems, and improved detection accuracy and service level from many aspects. 

the laboratory has introduced advanced equipment and systems from the austrian company avl, and is equipped with battery simulators, hot and humid environment bins, dual temperature control units for motors and controllers, chilled water units, and three-directional vibration sensors for vibration monitoring. in addition, the laboratory selects test instruments and models from highly recognized brands and boasts reasonable equipment layout and good testing environments to enable the high-precision testing of new energy vehicle drive motor torque, speed characteristics, efficiency, vibration and other index parameters. 

based on the principles of notarization, sampling, equality and confidentiality, the cnas review team, by means of document review, on-site questioning, on-site operation assessment, face-to-face interaction, etc., performed strict certification reviews on the new energy vehicles motor laboratory of zhixin electromagnet company in accordance with relevant guidelines and certification standards. it confirmed all the laboratory's accredited technical capabilities.

the fact that the new energy vehicle drive motor laboratory passed cnas certification will help the company better carry out application technology research of electrical steel materials in the drive motor of new energy vehicles, thereby improving the iterative development speed of electrical steel products and the technical service level of new energy customers. in addition, it will help to build the laboratory into a platform for exchange and cooperation with a vast number of scientific research institutes and corporate customers, thus promoting the rapid development of china's new energy automobile industry. after passing cnas certification, the laboratory will be qualified to issue cnas test reports and undertake foreign cooperation and testing services. 

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