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the closed project of the largest-span stock yard in the world was completed at jingtang

release time:2021-03-18 16:48:16

with beijing shougang international engineering technology co., ltd. responsible for epc, and beijing shougang construction group steel structure branch and shanghai baoye group corp., ltd. responsible for construction, the last piece of color coated sheet was installed in the closed renovation project of the shougang jingtang pellet stock yard, marking the successful completion of the stock yard closed project with the largest dome span in the world and a new breakthrough by shougang in the field of closed renovation of stock yards. 

with single dome net length of 245m, the project measures 650m in length and 63.228m in height, including 3 stackers and reclaimers and 4 caterpillars, with no pillar in between. the construction site is restricted by synchronous implementation of production and renovation. in order to reduce the impact on production to the minimum level, the construction was carried out under accumulative slip method and using reverse slip technique, resulting in great construction difficulty. the project is an environmental protection a level project for shougang jingtang company. in spite of a tight schedule and the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, it broke records among similar projects in terms of construction progress, thus laying a solid foundation for building environmental protection a level projects for shougang jingtang company. 

the project features long single dome span and high structure top mark with 42 trusses. each truss is made by splicing, welding and installing five parts. it is, so far, the largest-span single dome truss steel structure project in the world. since the preparation of preliminary plans for the project, beijing shougang international engineering technology co., ltd. has paid a great deal of attention to the project and organized experienced professionals to repeatedly carry out onsite design and to prove and improve technical proposals in cooperation with proprietors. it had to consider the scientific rationality of the overall layout and ensure compliance with all national environmental protection standards and requirements, as well as fulfill the feasibility of synchronous production and implementation, thereby laying a solid foundation for subsequent construction of the project. during the construction process, leaders of companies including steel structure branch issued timely directions, made arrangements in advance, carried out scientific planning, deepened design, chose construction schemes and selected project teams. specifically, they strictly controlled technological quality during the construction process, solved professional problems such as great difficulty, large volume, heavy weight, large span of truss, great difficulty in pavement, long slip track and high precision requirements in 63m aloft operation. in addition, they implemented measures at all levels to control technological quality and carried out construction in strict compliance to standards, allowing construction workers to perform respective duties and functions and carry out splicing, welding and installing in an orderly manner, thus ensuring construction progress and quality. 

the closed stock yard is used for raw materials units, 

which helps reduce unorganized emission to the greatest possible extent. in this way, it serves as a significant means for realizing source-based treatment and creating first-rate social benefit, environmental benefit and economic benefit, as well as a must-choose approach in the future development of steel enterprises. after the completion of the project, jingtang company can effectively control and reduce dust pollution and save resources, thereby achieving win-win results in environmental protection and energy conservation. in spite of fierce market competition, beijing shougang international engineering technology co., ltd. has accumulated rich experience in closed design and epc of large-span stock yards, and has carried out structural optimization and innovation of the large-span space structure of stock yards, thereby making the structural design of the stock yard meet the "safe, rational, advanced and economic" requirements and possess wide promotion and application value. 

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