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liu boqiang of shougang awarded the “2020 beijing model”

release time:2021-02-23 19:09:12

the “2020 beijing model” award ceremony hosted by the publicity department of the beijing municipal committee and the office of the capital spiritual civilization construction committee and undertaken by beijing radio & television station was held a few days ago. winning the 2020 “beijing model”, liu boqiang, ice maker at the shougang park sports center operation management co., ltd., took the stage to accept the award and shared the story of his professional development. li chao, an employee at the jingtang operation area of the beijing shougang gas co., ltd., participated in the award ceremony as one of the nominees for the 2020 “beijing model”.

the “beijing model” campaign produced a total of 132 people in weekly rankings and 61 people in monthly rankings in 2020, which were typical and representative in their categories and industries. according to the selection rules and standards, 61 people from monthly rankings, 1 previous nominee, and 3 special award groups were entered in the annual selection as annual list candidates and annual special award candidate groups respectively. in the end, liu boqiang stood out from others in the weekly and monthly rankings and won the honor of the “2020 beijing model”. 

as an ice maker at shougang park sports center operation management co., ltd., “senior shougang worker” liu boqiang transferred from his position as a steel rolling worker to a position in the curling hall, and served as the assistant to a well-known canadian ice maker in 2017. in order to go on the ice independently, he practiced alone with a “dotted” curling of more than 40 jin on his back every night until he was too exhausted to continue. in the end, he finally succeeded in achieving his goal after passing a trial. with continuous improvement in his ice making skills, he has successfully completed the ice surface maintenance work for various important events including on the ice training for more than 160 people from three national teams, and looks forward to showing his skills in the winter olympics.

li chao is an employee of beijing shougang gas co., ltd. on the evening of july 12, 2019, after seeing a car suddenly lose control and dive into the shuanglong river, li chao immediately got out of his car, jumped into the river to calm the driver down, then quickly swam back to the shore, got a rock to smash the glass, and brought the driver back to the shore. when the driver remembered that there was a cash box containing 350,000 yuan in the car, li chao returned to the river to get the box even though his left hand was bleeding. in spite of the 2cm deep wound in his left hand, he drove himself to the doctor, where he received 5 stitches.

the good deeds of each ordinary person are stories which bring warmth to the soul. when we hear the songs of praise from this era, let us learn from and pay tribute to these models.

   at the ceremony, liu boqiang and li chao said in an interview: “we’re honored and proud to join this award ceremony. we’d like to thank shougang leaders at all levels for their training and our colleagues for their support. achievements are both honors and responsibilities. obtaining this honor is a new beginning, not an end. we must bring this sense of responsibility to our work and encourage the people around us to carry forward the beijing model spirit.”

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