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tonggang steel successfully won the bid for four changchun urban rail transit lines

release time:2020-12-21 10:43:13

after ten months of careful preparation, the tonggang company participated in bidding for the procurement of steel materials for the east extension of changchun metro line 2, and the southern extension of light rail line 4, line 6 and line 7 of the changchun rail transit group. according to the factory policy of the steel mill and the settlement method to the customer, a reasonable quotation was compared and it finally entered the list of successful bid candidates with a good result. it received notice on july 22 and successfully won the bid. the tendered steel quantity is 430,000 tons and the construction period is set to last until august 2024.

changchun rail transit line 6 has a total length of 29.7 kilometers with 23 stations and 19.75 kilometers in the main urban area. this line is an east-west dense line in the south of the central city, connecting the changchun west railway station hub, the southern center (central business district), and jingyuetan from west to east. the first phase of line 7 starts from the automobile park in the west, ends at donghuan road in the east, passes through dongfeng street, the faw factory and changchun south railway station, and turns to nanhu road and east ring road up to the junction of jilin road. the line has a total length of 22.5 kilometers with 19 stations and 8 transfer stations. the southern extension of line 4 is an extension of the first phase of the existing line 4. it is laid along linhe street from tiangong road station to the south. there are 5 stations, all of which are elevated stations. the east extension project of line 2 includes dongfang square station’s east junction station and the main part of the east junction station. the stations along the extension line include the east junction station and sandaocun west station. the end point reaches the lianhuashan plate.

since the construction of metro line 1 in changchun in 2011, tonggang has supplied 130,000 tons to changchun metro. the winning bid will further promote an increase in the proportion of internalization in the province, consolidating the foundation of direct supply and sales in the province, increasing the share of tonggang's image project in the province, and laying a good foundation for subsequent building materials sales.


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