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the jingtang company won the sinopec crude oil storage tank steel project bid

release time:2020-12-15 10:36:33

recently, the jingtang company successfully won a bid for 5,300 tons of steel for a moderately thick plate for the sinopec kuqa crude oil commercial storage project’s oil tank. this is the first time that the jingtang company has been shortlisted in sinopec’s list of storage tank steel suppliers, setting a record for the largest single-order volume of storage tank steel in the history of shougang.

the order of 2,900 tons of alloy container steel was the highest-grade product in batch production since the jingtang moderately thick plate heat treatment line was put into operation. in order to ensure the smooth delivery of heat-treated high-strength steel plates, the jingtang company established a supply guarantee project team composed of r&d personnel, production personnel, technology personnel, sales personnel and other professionals. according to the thickness specification, composition system, surface quality, mechanical properties, nondestructive testing, simulated welding and other process-specific technical difficulties and shipping requirements of this contract, a special technical scheme, production scheme and transportation scheme were formulated to ensure both product quality and the delivery schedule.

in order to ensure the timely and high-quality delivery of the first oil storage tank contract, the moderately thick plate division organized all disciplines to hold a production preparation meeting as soon as possible after winning the bid to sort out and track the whole process, from steel plate rolling, shearing, and heat treatment, to sampling, inspection, warehousing, delivery, etc. these technical professionals cooperated with the equipment discipline in the operation area to re-measure and adjust the equipment precision of the quenching machine in advance of the maintenance time. at the same time, the equipment precision adjustment and process optimization were carried out according to the principle of ‘first thickness, and then thinness’ in the production of quenched plates. the quality of the plate shape was improved steadily. finally, the shape of the steel plate met the strict end-user technical requirements across the board.

the sample processing center of the shougang qinhuangdao machinery company carried out research on the special material, high viscosity, high hardness, etc. of the storage oil tank steel, and solved the problem of difficult sample processing; all work areas of the quality supervision department cooperated to break through the chemical composition inspection bottleneck concerning steel plate products, which provided a guarantee for the product to pass the third-party audit smoothly; the sales management department prioritized organizing railway transportation to reduce logistics costs. this is the first time a moderately thick plate has been transported by rail and a transportation service for customers has been provided after arrival, which has opened a two-way railway transportation and automobile transportation logistics channel in northwest china, and laid a solid logistics foundation for follow-up market development.

through the joint efforts of all disciplines, the first batch of quenched and tempered steel plates was delivered successfully on may 28, and all steel plates were qualified for warehousing on june 11, creating the shortest delivery time for the batch delivery of quenched and tempered steel plates since the moderately thick plate production line was put into operation. the smooth delivery of this batch of quenched and tempered steel plates marks the achievement of a higher level of precise control and fine management of the moderately thick plate production line.

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