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shougang color-coated plates dress up chengdu’s tianfu international airport

release time:2020-11-23 09:34:32

shougang has successfully supplied an order of color-coated plates for the chengdu tianfu international airport recently, making a stunning appearance at the national international aviation hub.

shougang color-coated plates will mainly be used in airport cargo areas and the sichuan airlines base construction in airport projects. among them, the five projects, which include the domestic cargo station, international cargo station, inspection center, secondary supervision warehouse, and express mail center, and the sichuan airlines base maintenance area project use a total of 2,400 tons of shougang high-strength structural fluorocarbon color-coated plates that are thick in and film. in the face of a tight delivery time and strict quality requirements, shougang has achieved a high supply standard and contributed to the completion of the projects on schedule.

in may 2019, the sales staff of the coating plates in the marketing center actively explored the market and actively connected with engineering units; in september, the production and sales team of the coated plate and engineering units conducted business and technical exchanges; in october, the professional teams of the engineering units visited the jingtang company for the full-process color coating production line and established confidence in shougang’s color-coated products after learning about the jingtang company’s scale and production capacity. in the same month, the coated plate sales office of the marketing center received an inquiry from the engineering units of chengdu tianfu international airport. the order requirements were high and the delivery was urgent. shougang marketers gave full play to the great synergy and marketing advantages, and the coated plate sales office quickly worked with the contract planning room, cold plate service room, the jingtang company’s manufacturing department and the color coating business department to determine a guarantee plan in accordance with the needs of users and contracts. with the efficient collaboration of shougang's production, sales and research teams, it only took 12 days from receiving the order to delivering products, demonstrating shougang color coating's ability to quickly deliver engineering orders and guarantee full-process production, and once again highlighting the strength and speed of shougang’s brand.

in 2020, the color-coated plate production and sales team went to the construction site to track the use of shougang’s color-coated plates at chengdu tianfu international airport. the engineering unit stated that the large-scale use of shougang color-coated plates in large-scale airport projects has been a positive influence on the brand, which has served as a very good demonstration for the promotion and use of shougang color-coated plates in large-scale public construction projects across china.

chengdu tianfu international airport, located in lujia town, chengdu high-tech east district (jianyang city), is the largest civil transportation hub airport project built in china’s 13th five-year plan, and is positioned as a national-level international aviation hub and the highest-level airport in the silk road economic belt. it is scheduled to be put into use in july 2021 with an annual passenger throughput of 90 million, which will make it the first internationally competitive national-level international airport in china’s west region.

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