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the sewage treatment project of the machinery & electric company put into use

release time:2020-11-16 09:30:21

a few days ago, the joint development project of the complete equipment branch of the machinery & electric company and the dayu irrigation group co., ltd., the sewage treatment integrated box project, was put into full use.

the project is located in north ligezhuang and lancheng, wuqing district, tianjin city. the process of adding membrane modules to anoxic and aerobic tanks is adopted in the sewage treatment integrated box, which was put into use recently. it not only strengthens nitrogen removal, but also has a small floor area, standard water quality, less sludge discharge, high treatment efficiency, convenient management, full-automatic operation, etc., which realizes effective sewage treatment, greatly improves the ecological environment and enhances people’s living standards.

in order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, under the premise of scientific epidemic prevention, the complete equipment branch led the project team to make careful arrangements on the process of field investigation, welding, corrosion prevention, installation, etc. to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, complete the installation and put into use all equipment, which has been fully affirmed by the owners, effectively expanding the integrated equipment market of the complete equipment branch, and improve the brand influence of shougang.

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