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casting furnace 31 for jingtang company’s mccr production line set a new daily production record

release time:2020-10-09 09:45:30

the mccr operation area of the jingtang company’s steel rolling operation department seized an opportunity and took on a challenge, focusing on digging deep into internal production potential. after the realization of daily production on may 17, casting furnace 31 achieved a steel coil production of 6,484 tons on june 6, again setting a new daily production record. meanwhile, headless mode proportion reached 89.84% and the proportion below 2.0 mm reached 77.92%; saph370 and saph400 high strength steel at one time completed the trial production of the same roll-stage mixed pouring headless mode; and continuous casting and rolling of 40mn and 42mn were also successful at one time. the interval time of double roll continuous pouring on-line roll changing was less than 12 minutes, effectively realizing no-pick roll change rolling.

in order to concentrate superior force and speed up the production of the mccr production line, the jingtang company co-coordinated and dispatched all kinds of resources to help solve various problems and difficulties, the manufacturing department and technical center solved technical problems in variety development and plate control, and the marketing center actively organized order support. the whole company made overall efforts to assist in the mccr production line. departments and specialties cooperated with each other to generate synergy, making a wonderful “collective fist”. the steel rolling operation department took the mccr production line as the center, fully mobilized the steelmaking, refining, continuous casting, public and auxiliary operation areas to cooperate in all directions, organized the mccr operation area to train production capacity, and mobilized all employees in the early stage of high yield.

with the aim of improving the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the employees, and with the core ideals of “strengthening field control ability, improving the technical level and enhancing the functional accuracy of the equipment”, the operation area required thematic discussions on key and difficult issues, active improvement in emergency response capability and comprehensive analysis on the technological characteristics of the whole process, so as to make the whole production process run smoothly, efficiently and stably, and avoid the occurrence of “obstructions” in a certain procedure affecting the normal operation of the whole production line.

for the successful completion of the task, the mccr operation area quickly set up a “joint working group”, held many thematic meetings to make detailed arrangements for relevant work, and formulated detailed production organization plans for large-scale tools, production preparation, quality control, equipment guarantee, etc., as well as making spot inspections and maintenance plans for key core equipment, so as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment. in addition, it optimized the production preparation process to ensure sufficient materials during high yield, designated special persons to take charge of each link, strengthened the implementation of measures, and improved process control. wang lihui, chief operating officer of the mccr operation area, said: “the increase in production is a test not only for employees, but also for equipment. daily high-load production is also a pressure on the operation of equipment. we should identify equipment failure points in advance, do a good job of analysis and confirmation, and increase the maintenance frequency and provide daily inspection for equipment with many faults. in the future, we should also adapt ourselves to this high-yield work mode to create conditions to further increase our capacity.” to ensure a smooth and stable production process, the mccr operation area gave full play to the cooperative advantages of equipment and technology, carried out 24-hour uninterrupted maintenance of the equipment, established an intensive care duty system for the core equipment, and strengthened joint inspection and night shift hidden trouble handling. in doing so, they achieved careful planning, reasonable construction, whole-process supervision and control, and built a perfect equipment management system. by optimizing the secondary cold water flow rate, ensuring the precision of fan-section arc-joint roll, and exploring the adaptability of mold protection slag, the casting technicians broke their continuous casting speed; the mill technicians debugged rolling force settings, the roll gap and speed in the headless mode, optimized the control strategy of rough rolling under large pressure distribution, stabilized the rolling process, and actively promoted thinning production. the operation head organized production in the front to ensure coordinated and efficient production among casting machines, rolling mills and coil storehouses. the operators performed a fine operation, monitored the pouring status and rolling mill in real time, paid attention to every minor change in the production process, and ensured product quality, and in so doing laid a solid foundation for improving production efficiency. through joint efforts, the mccr production line has made breakthroughs in production capacity, drawing speed, and headless and thin specification ratios; and successfully developed saph400, sg700bl, 40mn/45mn and other high-strength varieties.

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