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debut product released in china: automotive multiphase steel hc900/1180cp

release time:2020-08-04 08:57:59

the proportion of ultra-high strength steel in automotive biw structural parts is increasing. cp1180, as the highest strength grade multiphase steel, has higher yield strength, better bending performance and reaming performance compared with the dual phase steel with the same tensile strength. it is suitable for the roll forming of safety structural parts such as threshold beams and anti-collision beams, and has strong market demand as lightweight materials become a development trend. aiming at this development trend of automobile lightweight steel, through independent innovation shougang developed cp780 and cp980 step by step in 2017 and 2018 respectively. in 2019, based on the needs of material localization of an automobile enterprise, shougang adopted nano precipitation and enhanced multiphase structure control technology to break through the design limits of production line strength and successfully developed ultra-high strength multiphase steel cp1180. the tensile strength is increased by 20%, and the hole expanding rate is increased by 30%.

application performance: materials are recognized and applied by well-known enterprise users

product features: high strength, 20% increase in strength, high porosity, 30% increase in porosity, safety, 12% reduction in weight

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