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​shougang jingtang company was rated as the “scholarly enterprise” in beijing

release time:2021-11-23 09:50:15

 in november 2021, the 11th “beauty of books in china - beijing reading season” was successfully concluded. shougang group co., ltd. was awarded the “beauty of books beijing series selection” best organization award for scholarly enterprises, while the jingtang company was rated as a “scholarly enterprise” in beijing among ten enterprises in the whole city. over the years, the jingtang party committee has insisted on cultivating scholarly people through culture and books. by actively promoting the construction of a “scholarly enterprise”, a normalized and branded reading activity has been formed, and the cultural construction of a “scholarly enterprise” is regarded as a key project for leading the high-quality development of enterprises and guiding officials and workers to improve their literacy in reading and make achievements in learning, thereby injecting a steady stream of endeavor to push the company towards its goal of high-quality development

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