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as the core subsidiary of the “century-old company”, shougang fund is the leader of the transformation of shougang group from steel manufacturing industry to urban comprehensive service provider. it is also the core platform for the beijing municipal government to support the transformation and development of shougang group.

in recent years, shougang fund company has developed rapidly. it has actively implemented the concept of combining industry with finance and served the real economy. starting with the business of funds and equity investment, it has gradually developed into a new industry investment holding platform based on core industry, which integrates financing, investment and operation. it turns its focus on supply chain and finance, new energy vehicles and travel, healthcare, parking and urban renewal and other fields. at present, it manages 16 funds with a cumulative scale of more than 50 billion yuan.

the growth of shougang fund company has also been recognized and supported by professional institutions. it was rated as bbb by s&p global and a- by fitch rating, the first government-backed fund awarded such ratings. the company is also a candidate of the best pe30 of forbes china in 2018 and golden bull private equity investment by china securities journal in 2018. in addition, it is one of the top 20 limited partners in chinese private equity investment market by zero2ipo group and one of the top 50 private equity investment institutes in china by cv capital for two consecutive years.

different from the traditional pe companies, shougang fund company focuses on the strategic layout in the real economy area, and sets up industrial subsidiaries jointly with a number of listed companies.

in the field of parking and urban renewal, shougang fund has restructured and built shougang concord international (00697), a listing company in the parking sector. its subsidiary companies have won bids for parking buildings of the new airport in beijing, shanghai hongqiao international airport and guiyang airport. it operates such projects as p r parking in houshayu, shunyi, shared parking in desheng, parking in china-japan friendship hospital and improves parking quality and experience in an intelligent, intensive and diversified way. it has helped the development of shougang park and caofeidian park, becoming the leading regional investment operator in industrial parks. vstartup invested and built by shougang fund has become the largest business incubator in beijing which won ccb international investment valued at 750 million yuan in b round. at present, its total operating space across the country is 500,000 square meters serving more than 16,000 small and medium-sized enterprises. shougang fund has set up operating space in tianjin, tangshan, harbin, xiamen, yantai and other places and opened 37° apartment to create an ideal living space for young entrepreneurs.

in the field of health care, shougang fund has cooperated with china life, digital china and jangho group to set up shouyi healthcare company, which was invested by shanghai gp capital in a round and is committed to investing in medical services and health care for the aged. owning caofeidian gongren hospital, shuigang hospital and shougang hospital, shougang fund has further integrated the resources of domestic enterprise hospitals and public hospitals and improved the level of hospital service through market-oriented operation and detailed management.

in the field of supply chain finance, shougang fund initiated the establishment of supply chain platform company to open up the whole supply chain and solve the circulation struggle of the steel industry; invested in ouyeel and to form a multi-runway layout in the field of iron and steel e-commerce; and strategically bought a share of shougang concord grand (00730) to help it transform to the supply chain financial field.

in the field of travel and intelligent manufacturing, shougang fund and shunyi district government has jointly set up new energy automobile fund to invest in “chj automotive”, the new force of automobile manufacturing, which has become a new bright focus of innovative development of high-end industries in beijing; invested in shougang silicon steel expansion project to help produce high-efficiency and energy-saving new energy automotive core components; and strategically bought a share of shougang concord century (00103) to help it transform to the field of new energy automobile parts.

shougang fund has also driven the development of shougang park and caofeidian park with “fund, base and industry”. among them, an infrastructure investment fund of 12 billion yuan and a transformation and development fund of 10 billion yuan have been set up in shougang park to help the winter olympic games to be held smoothly. more than 30 famous overseas academicians have been attracted to overseas academician and expert workstation to build an innovative demonstration base for professional services. in its cooperation with tishman speyer company, a large number of leading international sports, science, technology and culture enterprises will be introduced to build an international sports science and technology park. in caofeidian collaborative development demonstration zone,  it has set up an industrial investment fund to select carefully core function enterprises in the capital and advanced production capacity for transformation and upgrading to settle in the demonstration zone, so as to promote the collaborative development of beijing and hebei.

shougang fund company has been adhering to the market-oriented operation, implementing the systems of full-time professional managers, providing competitive remuneration for employees, and creating professional and effective teams. the company’s philosophy is to remain competitive, outstanding and evergreen, dedicated to becoming an outstanding government fund manager and top domestic industry m&a fund in the subdivision field.

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