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2016 annual report of beijing shougang co., ltd. (abstract)

release time:2017-04-10 16:14:47

section ⅰ main financial indexes

the operating revenue in 2016 was 41,850,407,993.16 rmb; the total asset by the end of 2016 was 127,205,940,032.97 rmb.

section ⅱ businesses operated by the company during report period

1. the company is engaged in iron and steel industry, and the main scope of business is as follows: iron and steel smelting, steel calendaring; manufacturing and selling of sinter, coke and chemical products; generation by top gas recovery turbine unit (trt), production and selling of coal gas; processing and selling of industrial production waste; selling of metal material, coke, chemical products, mechanical and electrical equipment and building material; equipment leasing (excluding automobile); warehouse service; technological development, technical consultation, transfer of technology, technical service, technical training; investment and investment management.

the iron and steel products of the company include hot-rolled and cold-rolled panel products. the featured holt-rolled products include pipeline steel, container steel, high-strength steel, automobile structural steel, saw blade steel and pickled plate; the cold-rolled products include automobile sheet, silicon sheet, home appliance plate, special-use plate, tin plate, color-coated sheet and ordinary sheet.

2. in april, 2015, the company launched great replacement of assets. by the end of 2015, the delivery of great replacement of assets was completed. in april, 2016, shougang jingtang company completed the re-election of board of directors and revision of articles of constitutions. since beijing shougang co., ltd. had conditions for consolidation of accounting statements, the great replacement of assets has been completed. shougang jingtang company is engaged in iron and steel industry and the main scope of business is as follows: iron and steel smelting, steel rolling, smelting, calendaring and selling of other metals; production and selling of sinter, pellet, coke and chemical products; production and selling of various industrial gas; import and export of goods and technology (excluding the items restricted or prohibited by the country); research on metallurgical technology, technical consultation and technical service; equipment leasing, wharf, warehousing, carriage and material supply; wholesale and retail of iron and steel, other metal and its calendered products and ore, coal and chemical products; processing, utilization and selling of industrial production waste; coastal reclamation, provision of berthing facilities to ships; provision of cargo handling service within the harbor district. the iron and steel products of shougang jingtang company include hot-rolled and cold-rolled panel products. the featured holt-rolled products include pipeline steel, container steel, high-strength steel, automobile structural steel; the cold-rolled products include automobile sheet, home appliance plate, special-use plate, tin plate, color-coated sheet and ordinary sheet.

3. the main iron and steel products mentioned above are used for the following purposes: pipeline steel is mainly used for the transmission of oil and gas; high-strength steel, including steel for high-strength engineering machinery, explosion-proof steel for safe case and atm, fan steel and steel for truck body, is mainly used for manufacturing the lifting arm, body and crossbeam of crane, pump truck and special vehicle as well as the blade of air blower, mine fan and electric fan; weathering resistant steel mainly includes container steel, steel for mixer-agitator tank and electric tower; automobile structural steel mainly includes the steel for the wheel and frame of automobile, and is used for manufacturing the wheels of saloon car, passenger car, lorry, engineering machinery and agricultural vehicle as well as the structural components, such as crossbeam and carling of various automobile frames; special-use plate for hot rolling mainly includes steel for welded gas cylinder, boiler and pressure vessels, and can be used for manufacturing vessels containing liquefied petroleum gas and liquid nitrogen as well as the pressure-bearing equipment in special equipment; hot-rolled pickled plate is mainly used for automobile, compressor, motorcycle, machine manufacturing and hardware fittings; cold-rolled automobile sheet is mainly used for the internal and external plates and components of the automobile; silicon steel is mainly used for manufacturing motor and transformer; home appliance plate is mainly used for the internal and external plates and structural plates of refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, tv set and small household appliances; special-use plate for cold rolling includes chain steel, glassed steel, vessel steel, weld wire steel, barrel-making steel and standard parts of motorcycle; tin plate is mainly used for manufacturing various vessels, pressed parts and packing materials in food industry; color-coated sheet is widely used in construction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing, furniture industry, etc.

section iii overview of the operating conditions 

in 2016, the company staff actively strived to cope with the marketing and business environment externally and strengthened and refined management, deeply digged the potentialities and increased the profit, optimized the product structure and improved marketing ability internally to turn losses into gains. first, the cost control ability has been significantly enhanced. strengthen the sense of business and promote cost reducing in procurement. strengthen process optimization and promote cost reducing in technology. strengthen energy control and promote cost reducing in energy. strengthen pressure transfer and promote cost reducing of all staff. second, strengthen the high-end manufacturing and expand product brand. the automobile sheet, electrical sheet and tin plate have risen abruptly based on its accumulated strength. the domestic market share of home appliance plate ranked first in the industry. ultra-high strength steel q960e became the benchmarking product for domestic lightweight goods vehicles. 5 new products including reinforced plastic dual-phase steel 590dh are first launched in china. the product manufacture is moving from “follow” towards “lead” with a bright future. the output of automobile sheet has reached a record level, and the outputs of galvanized steel, high-strength steel and shell plate have increased by 45.61%, 51% and 46.31% respectively; the supply quantity of joint venture brands, represented by bmw, benz and fiat, has increased greatly, with a year-on-year growth of 41.54%. the supply quantity of automobile sheet of joint venture brands took up 23.42% of the total output, with year-on-year growth of 3.54%; the customer market share of high-end self-owned brands, represented by geely and great wall, has increased greatly, which promotes the optimization of automobile sheet structure and marketing channel. the output of electrical steel has increased for five years in a row. the oriented electrical steel covered all grades of the whole series of 20sqgd070-30sqg120, achieving the quantity production of high-grade 20sqgd075-27sqgd085 and breakthrough of ultra-wide and ultra-thin specification; 112 transformers above 500kv have been ordered, the gap in supply of materials for 750kv extra high voltage transformer has been filled. the manufacture of the first 1000kv uhv transformer has started. the company ranks among the world’s first echelon of transformer material supply. as for non-oriented electrical steel, the second generation of high magnetic induction technology has been mastered, and 35sw1900 has been successfully applied to the high-speed drive motor of new energy automobile; the non-oriented 35sw300 product used for frequency conversion of high-end appliance has been upgraded with the magnetic performance improved by 5%. the tin plate has fully marched to domestic high-end customers, obtaining the largest domestic share of supplies in origin agritech and cofco group. the ability to supply ultra-thin sr tin plate (excluding di material) with the specification of 0.2mm~1050mm is in the domestic leading position, and the performance of high-tin iron and k plate is of the domestic advanced level. third, strengthen product expansion and promote structural adjustment. qianshun base has developed 6 categories of 28 grades of cold-rolled automobile sheet and stably changed the line of production to supply enterprises including benz and saic in batches; the first industrial trial production of ga sheet ahss 780mpa has been completed; the limit of production line has been broken and supply of 3.0mm products to benz supporting factories in small batches has been achieved. the pickled plate covers 310-800mpa strength. the proportion of automobile structure picking has been 36% and the proportion of thin plate reached 20%. hr800cp is the first one among the domestic steel mills to pass the benz global engineering certification; the x65 special pipeline steel for field oil transmission developed in cooperation has gone through the practice test; the x70 pipeline steel overseas project and x65mo developed by cooperating with the downstream steel mills have been applied to submarine pipeline. 105 products in jingtang base have passed the certification and the supply of 76 products has been achieved; trial production of 65 products and supply of 56 products have been completed. automobile sheet production line, material and parts certification by 6 joint venture automobile enterprises, including bmw, ford, faw-volkswagen, general motors, citroen and psa, have been carried out. the certification intensity of joint venture automobile enterprises has been enhanced constantly. supply of 3.0mm products to bmw in small batches has been achieved. as for home appliance plate, the vessel steel s250gd z of schuetz has passed the certification; as for hot-rolled plate, the super-fine grain steel scx450 of kone has passed the certification; as for color-coated pickled plate, the pickled plate shs725-p of csic has passed the certification. fourth, the marketing ability has been improved continuously. stick to “customer-oriented and creating value for customers”, perfect the service system of serialized service, fast response, deep cooperation and professional guarantee, promote the steel suppliers’ transformation to comprehensive service supplier. fifth, ensure the effective operation of environmental protection facilities, promote the green action plan and actively implement environmental emergency response. sixth, strengthen fund operation, transfer the traditional thinking of “production is more important than operation”, make up the weakness of funds management to increase the efficiency and profits of fund operation. seventh, further strengthen the management and control of equity investment projects and improve the quality of economic operation. eighth, strengthen the cooperation and take efforts to achieve innovation and benefit-making.

during the report period, the output completion of main products of the company: (1) shougang qiangang company: iron: 6,970,000t, down 6.32% year-on-year; steel: 6,900,000t, down 5.87% year-on-year; rolled steel: 6,520,000t (including 1,640,000t supplied to cold rolling company), down 7.52% year-on-year. (2) shougang jingtang company: iron: 8,880,000t, down 1.11% year-on-year; steel: 8,590,000t, down 1.15% year-on-year; rolled steel: 7,280,000t, down 3.77% year-on-year. (3) cold rolling company: cold-rolled sheet: 1,590,000t, down 7.02% year-on-year. main accounting data of the company and completion of financial indexes: operating revenue: 41,850,000,000 rmb and the total profit was 599,835,300 rmb. the net profit attributable to owners of parent company was 400,964,000 rmb, with the earnings per share of 0.0758 rmb and total asset of 127,206,000,000 rmb. the equity attributable to equity holders of the parent was 24,381,000,000 rmb. 

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